Battle Creek Transit - BCGo, your connection to Calhoun County

Target Audience: This campaign was designed to show that the audience can be anybody and that public transportation does not always have to mean a large bus. We wanted to specifically showcase that this service could be used by children, parents, grandparents, and young professionals.

Strategy Objective:Our objective was to show the community that you could use transit to get to work, visit grandma, or have a safe night out with friends. Our vision was to create a public transportation option that served rural and un(der)served communities without feeling like a traditional "bus" service. We wanted to showcase the new design of the vehicles, the level of customer service, and the implementation of technology for the first time.

Situation Challenge: BCGo is a pilot program created to demonstrate the feasibility of countywide on-demand public transportation. This pilot program provides transportation to areas previously un(der)served by public transportation. Our challenge when creating BCGo was to create a service that would remove the stigma that is often associated with public transportation and encourage community members of all ages to use public transit. BCGo changes the community perception with a new, custom vehicle design, a premium level of customer service, and technology that enhances the overall customer experience.

Results Impact: BCGo has changed the perception of and increased the adoption of public transportation for Calhoun County. Despite launching our pilot during the COVID-19 pandemic, BCGo was able to provide roughly 4,700 trips in the first six months of operation with only two mini-vans servicing 718 square miles at reduced passenger capacity. BCGo riders have been enthusiastic about sharing their support of the program and the impact it has on their lives.

Why Submit: BCGo has successfully demonstrated the feasibility of countywide on-demand public transportation in Calhoun County. To date, BCGo has 2,000 user accounts and has provided roughly 7,500 trips, even while operating at a reduced passenger capacity. BCGo offers a new model of transportation accommodated with new innovative technology but still remains affordable, reliable and accessible. BCGo has a 68% retention rate showing that customers who ride BCGo continue to choose BCGo as their primary mode of transportation. BCGo was created to better meet the needs of our entire community and has been successful in expanding access to education, employment, healthcare and social activities.