Vaccines: Another Way to Stay Safe at Work

Target Audience: This campaign was intended for all our public transportation employees to encourage them to consider taking the vaccine as a way to protect their health and safety while at work.

Strategy Objective:Understanding that vaccines were a personal choice and not a mandate in early 2021, we wanted to encourage employees to consider getting the vaccine. We supplemented this campaign with information about the vaccines and how they work so that employees could make informed decisions for their personal health and safety.

Situation Challenge: Transdev has been encouraging actions that employees can take to protect their health and safety at work since the beginning of the pandemic. Prior communication has surrounded mask mandates, proper ways to wear masks so that they are most effective, encouragement about washing hands, disinfection and other things to supplement the policies, procedures and guidelines we put into place to protect our employees, passengers and communities we serve.

Results Impact: Employees appreciated the opportunity to understand more about the vaccines and liked the tone of empowerment - that it was up to each employee to make the decision that was best for them. That said, we want to encourage vaccines and general health and safety as much as possible.

Why Submit: We are very pleased with the tone of voice we achieved in this campaign. It communicated that vaccines were a choice that was available for them to further protect their own health. This campaign was positively received and appreciated by our teams.