Siemens S700 LRV Virtual Tour featuring ADA Accessibility Video to Support Ridership and Sales

Target Audience: The target audience for the Virtual Light Rail Vehicle S700 Tour and ADA Accessibility video is municipalities, transportation agencies, government officials, suppliers and the general public.

Strategy Objective:To promote and showcase the end-to-end low-floor access for all passengers including those in the ADA community for noticeably improved passenger flow, comfort, safety and efficiency.

Situation Challenge: Siemens was looking for a way to distinguish ourselves from our competitors with the newest technology and customizations in light rail vehicle projects. Updating the 15-year-old S70 platform, the new and improved modern design of Siemens low-floor LRV has a new name and a new passenger experience. Siemens S700 LRVs maintain the many proven and reliable aspects of the S70. The technological innovations throughout the new vehicle design and an innovative open low-floor configuration makes it one of the most accessible vehicles of its kind in today's market. The end-to-end low-floor access for all passengers including those in the ADA community and better sightlines for security allows for noticeably improved passenger flow and comfort, safety and efficiency.

Results Impact: The Virtual Tour has been used as a tool to easily showcase the technologies and design features of the S700 LRV platform with the added value of the ADA Accessibility video to current and potential customers. Siemens landed a contract to deliver new S700 low-floor light rail vehicles for Sacramento Regional Transit, operator of the public transport system in Sacramento, Calif. This was an important order for the sustainability of Siemens Mobility in the United States. The video has also been used to increase awareness with government officials and policymakers of the great work we are doing with manufacturing in California.

Why Submit: This entry was submitted because the Virtual Tour including the ADA Accessibility video truly exemplifies who we are as a company and the pride we take in ensuring that anyone can have access to light rail public transportation. This piece has been able to engage our audiences and showcase the importance of manufacturing a product that is inclusive to all passengers.