American Rescue Plan & Infrastructure Bill, & Transit Access Live Event Sparks Discussion About the Future of Mobility

Target Audience: TransLoc's virtual "American Rescue Plan (ARP) & Infrastructure Bill, & Transit Access" live event was targeted toward municipalities, universities, potential prospects, and members of the transportation industry looking to be a part of conversations centered around how federal funding from recent legislation can reshape the transit ecosystem. Attendees joined the livestream session on Twitter to hear industry leaders discuss the merits and opportunities of the bill as they pertain to mobility, and explore where the greatest benefits to public transportation can be made.

Strategy Objective:On the day the Infrastructure Bill & Jobs Act was signed into law, TransLoc hosted the "ARP & Infrastructure Bill, & Transit Access" virtual roundtable alongside industry experts including American Public Transportation Association's Art Guzzetti, the Association for Commuter Transportation's David Straus, and Ford Mobility & City Solutions' Ryan Westrom. Together, they shared thoughts on the short- and long-term impact this influx of cash may have on U.S. transportation services. As transit leaders, we must take care of the communities impacted most by inaccessible transportation services. The virtual event aimed to create an intellectual space for critical thinking about the legislation's significance toward equity and access in the current mobility landscape.

Situation Challenge: Equity and access continue to surface as prevalent themes at the forefront of the transit industry. These matters were further highlighted by ARP funding and the infrastructure bill passed in 2021. With a price tag of $550 billion, it's safe to wonder how those funds should be allocated and used. The historic amount of funding invested toward public transportation and its providers signaled the opportunity to update and repair aging fleets and address driver/operator shortages. During the discussion, panelists explored how those receiving funds could utilize them to drive effective change, and how the rest of us can lobby for systemic change through our government and funding provisions.

Results Impact: Hosting the ARP & Infrastructure Bill, & Transit Access livestream brought members of the transit community together for discussions that led to a better understanding of how industry leaders believe federal funding should be spent in addition to the future of mobility as it pertains to equity, accessibility, and environmental sustainability. The event was TransLoc's first planned and executed livestream session, with 123 attendees registering prior to being aired. Pre-event communication about the event yielded 60% open rates, further opening the conversation about the legislation and its impact within the transit sector. The recorded session is available for interested parties to download online.

Why Submit: The conversation sparked by federal transit legislation anchors in transportation leaders' obligation to ensure the $550 billion dollar investment is distributed equitably across communities most affected by limited access to mobility, amongst other widespread issues like aging fleets and ongoing operator shortages. TransLoc's ARP & Infrastructure Deal, & Transit Access livestream session shed light on the opportunity to bring positive change to the lives of multiple generations and establish universal basic mobility. The discussion made room for innovative ideas like investing in new mobility solutions that address large barriers for low-income riders, as well as the need for smart technology and modern simulation software to make decisions about how fleets and services operate.