Lextran COVID-19 Vaccination Encouragement Campaign

Target Audience: The target audience for this campaign were Lextran employees and passengers. Internal communication efforts focused on providing detailed information to Lextran employees since the organization received countless inquiries. External communication provided encouragement for the public to receive their COVID-19 vaccine and where to find a COVID-19 vaccine location on a Lextran route.

Strategy Objective:The objective of this campaign was to help alleviate Lextran employee concerns circulating the COVID-19 vaccine. It was also used to show that serving the community is more than just driving passengers safely to their destinations. Additionally, there was no set budget for this campaign. All of the collateral was created, printed, and laminated in-house. The Lextran maintenance team were also the ones who placed all flyers onboard. However, due to a predetermined advertising agreement between Lextran and The Lane Report, a total of $4,800 was spent to have the COVID-19 vaccination locations map shared on their site.

Situation Challenge: The COVID-19 vaccination encouragement campaign started because of the increased demand for information relating to the COVID-19 vaccines. Several Lextran employees had questions and concerns about the vaccines and their benefits.

Results Impact: This campaign increased awareness of the importance of the COVID-19 vaccines. It also increased the amount of vaccinated Lextran employees. One employee scheduled an appointment to get vaccinated because she was featured on the external vaccination encouragement campaign flyers.

Why Submit: The Lextran vaccination encouragement campaign was submitted to display how Lextran was able to shift communication efforts to match with the changing times. At the time this campaign started, the world felt as though it was "returning to normal." This campaign should receive an AdWheel Award since everything for the campaign was created and prepared in-house. It also featured current Lextran employees as the primary representatives for the campaign.