Foothill Transit COVID-19 Social Videos to Promote COVID Safety

Target Audience: This set of videos was targeted to the Foothill Transit community and Facebook users in the local area (based on zip codes) that are interested in buses, public transit, public health & safety, amongst other related topics.

Strategy Objective:These social media videos aimed to increase awareness of Foothill Transit messages in a fun and animated way while always keeping COVID top of mind. Each video seamlessly integrates COVID safety guidelines and mask-wearing into the content, whether the video is about COVID or not.

Situation Challenge: Foothill Transit communicates a lot of information through their social channels such as safety tips, special services, and discounts. We were tasked with creating animated social media videos around various messages, all while keeping COVID safety in mind.

Results Impact: This set of videos consisted of 5 boosted Facebook posts and 1 organic post: - Total Spend: $2,084 (avg. $417 per ad) - Average Ad Duration: 5.6 days The ads produced the following social results: - Impressions: 97,106 - Engagement Rate: 3.9% - CPM: $21.46 - CTR: 1.08% - Thruplays: 58,789 - Facebook Page Follower Growth: 4.19% (from 3,935 to 4,100) - Sentiment: 98% positive - Website Traffic during campaign o 1.5% of site total site users arrived via the boosted posts

Why Submit: This set of social media videos demonstrates how Foothill Transit is normalizing and encouraging mask-wearing for their customers. COVID safety is fully integrated into the agency's social media content, with animated characters wearing masks on board and at stops, even if the message is not related to COVID. As this virus has become an ongoing part of our daily lives, it should also be an ongoing part of our messaging.