LYNX Air Purification System: Crafted for Our Riders for Assurance and Peace of Mind

Target Audience: The Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (LYNX) Air Purification video was created to target our online audiences, including community members, local riders and visitors.

Strategy Objective:The objective of this video is to educate our riders on the additional steps LYNX is taking to ensure their safety. As part of our COVID-19 safety rollout plan/strategy, our outreach efforts and communication include online tactics for our large tourist demographic and local riders. This video serves as a tool to help quell any fears that potential and current riders may have regarding utilizing our services during a pandemic.

Situation Challenge: With Orlando being a top travel destination and providing a ridership service of more than 41,000 each weekday, it is imperative for us to continue in our efforts to educate and promote the safety measures that we are implementing to keep both the community and visitors safe while riding with LYNX.

Results Impact: The LYNX Air Purification video since its debut has had a total of 3,900 views and has garnered positive feedback from community members on our exceptional and timely COVID-19 safety measures. As a top tourist destination in the United States, LYNX COVID-19 measures impact our community, but also other communities nationally. Hence, our marketing and outreach efforts have to be consistent and timely. With a recent increase in cases, creating this video has been instrumental in us being able to reiterate our commitment to providing a safe ridership environment.

Why Submit: This new air purification system is a major milestone in helping us as a community in curving this virus and has proven to be a great tool for our ridership numbers in the past few months. Our commitment to providing exceptional service to our community members and those visiting will continue, as this new system is one of the many efforts that have increased safety and helped quell fears of traveling with LYNX.