Vaccine Encouragement Campaign

Target Audience: We created this internal campaign for our public transportation employees to encourage them to consider taking the vaccine to support their own health and safety while at work.

Strategy Objective:We used three different messaging strategies for this campaign. Each of the three primary messages were supported by key facts from the CDC. 1. Take your shot (do it for yourself) 2. Roll up our sleeves (we need to fight this thing together) 3. This is our shot (do it for all of us) Each of the messaging sets uses a different persuasion tactic to see what resonates most for the employees. Overall, our objective was to encourage people to consider the vaccine as another way to protect themselves at work.

Situation Challenge: As vaccines started to become available on 2021, there was a lot of conflicting information floating around. We wanted to create a multi-tiered communication strategy to ensure employees knew that facts about the vaccine so that they could make the best decisions for themselves concerning their health and safety.

Results Impact: This was a general awareness campaign to help encourage employees to consider taking the vaccine prior to any mandate discussions.

Why Submit: We are very proud of the fact that we were able to use three different persuasion strategies as part of the same campaign, while supported by the same fact base from the CDC website. We used this campaign on break room video monitors, internal social media and intranet and even some external channels throughout 2021.