Foothill Transit Safety Month Social Video to Promote Bus Safety

Target Audience: This video was targeted to the Foothill Transit community that has not used its services in a while. Especially those who have avoided public transit.

Strategy Objective:Our objective was to remind those who have not been riding Foothill Transit of the bus safety regulations while leveraging of National Safety Month. To show success, we wanted to increase video views, ensuring that more users would see these guidelines.

Situation Challenge: As more people began returning to public transit after being quarantined and finding other ways of travel, we needed to remind returning riders of the rules of public transit.

Results Impact: This video gained great traction on Facebook including: 16,974 Thruplays, 24,458 Impressions and a Percentage Watched of 46%.

Why Submit: During 2021, there was a big transition to go back to doing regular activities prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. We created a fun and lighthearted video to promote Safety Month and remind riders of the public transit safety precautions in case they haven't taken the bus in a while. This video does a great job at displaying those guidelines while keeping the message fun.