Pace Suburban Bus - We're Ready Even if You're Not

Target Audience: The target audience for this campaign was suburban commuter who might be feeling anxious or unprepared to return to the office after working remotely due to COVID-19. Pace's current diverse ridership base ranged from ages 20-60 and is mainly riders whose primary or only transportation option is Pace. Understanding commuters' concerns surrounding public transportation amid a pandemic, Pace set out to welcome back riders by reaffirming its unwavering commitment to cost-effective, convenient, and reliable services - even in the face of COVID-19.

Strategy Objective:This campaign, which included digital, radio, and television advertisement, featured relatable work situations that emphasize the humorous challenges of going back to the office after working from home for so long. In each video, characters struggled with the return to normalcy; forgetting what floor they work on, accidentally wearing slippers to work, and attempting to get into a pair of work pants that don't fit the way they used to. The light-hearted videos showcased that even through commuters might not be ready to get back to the office, Pace is ready when the time comes.

Situation Challenge: Following months of decreased ridership due to COVID-19, Pace prepared to welcome back riders as offices began to welcome back employees. Knowing that many commuters had likely forgotten parts of their traditional work routine following more than a year of remote work, Pace set out to show commuters that even if they aren't quite ready to return to the office, Pace will be there as a safe and reliable option whenever they are.

Results Impact: Pace's We're Ready campaign resulted in increased awareness of Pace services for both new and existing commuters. Website traffic from this campaign was strong, resulting in 419 average new users page views per day of the campaign landing page. The campaign generated over 3.8M impressions, with CPM come in 7% lower than benchmarks. With a goal to specifically target Pace's known Hispanic audience with Spanish messaging, this campaign resulted in 2-3x higher CTR compared to English/general audience messages.

Why Submit: After a difficult year for public transit, this campaign showcased Pace's excitement to finally begin welcoming back riders. By tapping into real-life scenarios and incorporating humor, Pace was able to reinforce to riders their commitment to ensuring a safe and smooth ride.