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 Urgent Legislative Action Alert from APTA President


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Dear APTA Members,

Over the last few days we have received a number of calls and emails from our members requesting that APTA publish a short list of the most important members of Congress to reach out to at this pivotal juncture. Always wanting to be agile and responsive, we began to draft just such a list. The more we discussed it, the longer the list got and before long we came to the very important conclusion that at this moment, right now, they ALL matter.

Recall, that SAFETEA-LU was enacted on August 10, 2005. Nearly half of the current members of Congress were not even in office back then. As a result, many of those serving in the 112th Congress have never voted on the reauthorization of a long term, multi-modal surface transportation bill. They have never had to answer the question, "Why should I vote to support public transportation?" With bills in both chambers heading for floor votes as soon as this coming week, they are about to have to answer that question.

I can say with great confidence that each member of your congressional delegation have likely heard directly from multiple constituencies expressing opinions that may not necessarily align with those of the public transportation industry. In many cases, especially with the newer members of Congress, they may not have a fully informed opinion on Public Transportation. If there was ever a time to reach out to your delegation; Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike to tell your local story, NOW is that time! I can not say this strongly enough, we need for your voices to be heard, now!

APTA has provided you with the talking points and background information on our website. The tools you need are a few clicks away. Now let's get out there and make the calls and appointments with our congressional delegations post haste. Together, with one voice, we can create a better future for public transportation.

Please feel free to contact APTA's Brian Tynan at if you have any questions.


Michael P. Melaniphy

President & CEO


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