Category E – Affiliates (06a-06n)


Broad-ranged category which includes the following:

  • Associated Railroads (06a)
  • D.C. Based Legislative Representatives (06e)
  • High Speed Rail Authorities (06b)
  • International Transit Systems and Authorities (06d)
  • Land Developers (06l)
  • Labor Unions (06n1 and 06n2)
  • New Transit Enterprises (06c)
  • Public Interest Groups (06j)
  • Publications (06g)
  • Single Professional Consultants (06m)
  • State Associations (06h)
  • Transportation Management Associations (06f)
  • Universities and Research Institutes (06i)
  • Vanpool/Carpool Providers (06k)

Please call the APTA Membership Department for further information on category descriptions and specified dues.

How Dues Are Calculated

Based on a range of fees by subcategory, from $615 – $5000

Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Dues Schedule

06a, 06b, 06​c, 06d, 06f, 06h, 06i,06k $615
06e, 06g, 06l, 06m​ ​$657
06j $1,000
06n1 (small) $2,500
06n2 (large) $5,000
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