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American Public Transportation Association

 2016 APTA Conferences

The American Public Transportation Association, the leader in public transportation education and networking, is pleased to announce its 2016 conference, seminar, and workshop schedule.  

These events have been developed to improve the knowledge and skill set (professional and technical) of transit professionals at all levels of their careers. These meetings also serve as an unparalleled marketing tool for public transportation manufacturers and suppliers, bringing buyers and sellers face-to-face. 


2016 APTA Conference Schedule 


    This meeting focuses on issues related to doing business in the public transportation industry ranging from business development, procurement and workforce development to government affairs and regulatory issues. It’s also an outstanding opportunity for business networking.
    Who should attend: transit sector leaders from business member companies, including OEMs, suppliers, contractors, consultants, contract operators, and A&E firms. Small business members are also encouraged to attend!


    This unique executive leadership forum focuses on emerging trends and best practices. Topics include how new technologies may transform public transportation, workforce development and diversity inclusion, labor relations, the CEO's employment contract, building partnerships and community with the private sector, managing board ethics, and other management and policy topics. For deputy CEOs, a separate leadership track of study is offered.
    Who should attend: chief executives of public transportation systems and their deputies – senior executives who wish to move to a CEO position.
    Registration/Hotel: APTA's Heather Rachels at 202.496.4838 or 
    Educational Program: APTA's Lynne Morsen at 202.496.4853 or
    Provides up-to-date information on regulatory/legislative developments, industry-related litigation, and other legal issues affecting the transit industry.
    Who should attend: attorneys representing all APTA members
    The intensive and interactive workshop focusing on all aspects of public transportation marketing and communications, including media relations, customer service, social media, ridership initiatives, and best practices.
    Who should attend: all public transportation personnel involved in marketing, communications, media relations, advertising, social media, planning, research, service development, and customer service


    Educates members on important federal legislation and policy initiatives; provides members with opportunity to shape future industry positions and Federal transportation policy; provides direction on the industry’s legislative strategy and advocacy efforts with the U.S.  Congress and Administration; offers sessions with key members of Congress, Hill staff, Administration officials, and Washington opinion makers.
    Who should attend: CEOs, board members, government affairs and communications professionals, policymakers, transit operators, consultants, manufacturers and suppliers, local coalition members, and state association leaders


    The FARE COLLECTION & REVENUE MANAGEMENT SUMMIT addresses a wide array of topics targeted at public transportation personnel involved in the colleciton and protection of transit fares and revenues. Comprehensive sessions and discussions will appeal to and benefit all attendees, from  novice participants to seasoned veterans, engineers, operations personnel, revenue management personnel, policy staff, implementation marketers, and ultimate decision-makers. The program includes innovations and updates in the areas of fare systems (technology, management, and maintenance), revenue management policy, system procurement, implementation, theft, and fraud.
    Who should attend: public transit officials and supplier/consultant personnel engaged in the technology, design, equipment, procurement, operation, maintenance, and security of fare collection systems
    Revenue Management & Fare Collection Summit Contact:
    APTA's Beverly Hill at 202.496.4315 or
      TRANSITECH will feature multiple sessions covering all aspects of transit technology to provide a comprehensive overview of transit technology for today and tomorrow. Sessions will range from emerging technology to transit ITS applications and security technology and applications.
      Who should attend: public transportation information technology professionals, chief information officers, operations managers and staff, software developers, all of who benefit from modern public transportation information technologies
      This biennial conference delves deep into the unique transportation needs of university communities and the population they serve. The program covers topics such as universal access, land use development, and much more.
      Who should attend: university/community transportation professionals, university officials, faculty and students, planners, and businesses supporting these services
        Policymakers and staff come together for professional development sessions focusing on best practices in governance and creating policy for public transportation systems. The educational content includes succession planning and regional legislative issues, as well as fiduciary responsibilities, advocacy, safety, mobility management, funding, and financing. A separate leadership development track is offered for members who support transit boards of directors/commissioners.
        Who should attend: board members/commissioners, and support staff to boards of public transportation systems 


        The International Bus Roadeo is a unique learning opportunity for operators and maintenance teams to engage with other transit agency professionals up close and personal. The Roadeo is a competition of driving skills and maintenance disciplines; it is a training and networking opportunity for all attendees. As part of the Bus & Paratransit Conference, there are multiple training sessions for operators, maintenance teams, and supervisors.
        Send your champions to be challenged at the 2016 International Bus Roadeo!
        Who should attend: bus operators, maintenance teams
        Registration/Hotel: APTA's Anitha Atkins at 202-496-4839 or
        Competition/Educational Workshops: APTA's Saahir Brewington at 202.496.4834 or
        This technical, educational program covers operations and maintenance, accessibility and paratransit, integrated mobility and transformative technology,   first- and last-mile transportation, safety and security, planning and sustainability, funding and finance, capital programs, procurement, and workforce development. Participate in Maintenance Monday and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Tuesday, National Transit Institute training courses, Bus Display, Products & Servides Showcase, and technical tours.
        Who should attend: bus and paratransit system employees and managers, board members, contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, and consultants 
        Registration: APTA's Kwakuita Spence at 202.496.4845 or
        Hotel/Logistics: APTA's Marcus Eng at 202.496.4874 or
        Products & Services Showcase: APTA's Heather Rachels at 202.496.4838 or
        Educational Program: APTA's Lynne Morsen at 202.496.4853 or 


        This is the only Risk Management seminar specifically for professionals and practitioners involved with Transit Risk Management. The seminar includes sessions on issues that transit claims and risk managers face on a daily basis. Topics chosen in the past have included: reducing at-risk passenger behaviors related to violence and dangerous acts, insurance market analysis, ADA/legal updates, mitigating pedestrian accidents, understanding primary and excess liability insurance policies, practical elements of mediating a lawsuit, and realizing tangible savings from vehicle video systems. Plus, every seminar features both a Risk Management 101 training class and a risk management round table to discuss the tough and vexing issues in the profession.
        Who should attend: risk managers, claims/safety/security officers, policymakers, insurance brokers, and suppliers of products and services in the risk
        management industry
        • International Rail Rodeo
          June 15-19
          Sheraton Grand Phoenix | Phoenix, AZ

          The 2016 International Rail Rodeo will test the skills of both operators and maintainers as they vie for top honors. Valley Metro has created a unique experience for the contestants of this year’s Rodeo. Send your best team of operators and maintainers to learn, network, and experience the International Rail Rodeo.

          Who should attend: rail operators and maintainers teams

          Registration/Hotel: APTA's Heather Rachels at 202.496.4838 or
          Competition/Educational Workshops: APTA's Saahir Brewington at 202.496.4834 or 



        • Rail Conference
          June 19-22
          Sheraton Grand Phoenix | Phoenix, AZ

          For all rail modes – urban, commuter, high-speed, and intercity – this technical conference features sessions on technology, operations, maintenance, safety & security, planning, finance, capital projects, workforce development, and more. Experience the latest industry advances at the Products & Services Showcase and join the technical tours.

          Who should attend: rail agency staff, mid-level and executive management, board members, government agency staff, suppliers, consultants, and contractors

          Registration: APTA's Kwakuita Spence at 202.496.4845 or
          Hotel/Logistics: APTA's Anitha Atkins at 202-496-4839 or
          Products & Services Showcase: APTA's Marcus Eng at 202.496.4845 or
          Educational Program: APTA's Lynne Morsen at 202.496.4853 or



          The Sustainability & Public Transportation Workshop is the premier forum for sustainability leaders and newcomers in the transit industry to advance public transportation’s role in sustainability. Attendees have the opportunity to interact with cutting-edge speakers and learn from their peers in breakout sessions and round-table discussions about realizing environmentally- economically- and socially-responsible practices and developments.
          Who should attend: general managers and senior staff likely to implement sustainability in transit agencies, suppliers, consultants, and others supportive of public transportation’s role in sustainability


        • Multimodal Operations Planning Workshop
          July 31 - August 3
          Hyatt Regency Calgary | Calgary, AB

          This workshop is dedicated to promoting and advancing the work of North America’s professional public transportation planners and schedulers. Sessions will provide attendees with the latest practices in scheduling, facilities planning, technological advances, designing routes, and bus rapid transit. Technical tours of the Calgary area will offer insight into connecting the various modes of transportation used throughout the host city. This is an information sharing opportunity for both established professionals and individuals who are new to the field.

          Who should attend: planners and schedulers

          Contacts: APTA's Jeff Hiott at 202.496.4881 or
          APTA's DeeNaye Williams at 202.496.4899 or 



        • State Public Transportation Partnerships/Transit Midwest Conference
          August 14-16
          Westin Crown Center | Kansas City, MO

          The State Public Transit Partnerships/Transit Midwest Conference is a joint conference of FTA Region 7 state associations, APTA, CTAA, and AASHTO. This conference emphasizes best practices and programs of state public transit associations and state DOTs, as well as federal, state, and local partnerships for public transportation. Attendees will hear about FTA’s “Rides to Wellness Initiative” - a program focused on strengthening the connection between the transportation and healthcare industries.

          Who should attend: state transit association leaders, state department of transportation officials, transit system representatives, state DOT program managers, and FTA staff interested in the role states play in supporting and promoting public transportation

          Contacts: APTA's Zach Smith at (202) 496-4807 or
          Rich Weaver at (202) 496-4809 or


          APTA’s Annual Meeting is the flagship event for public transportation professionals to engage in workshops, join tours, and network with colleagues. Keynote speakers and educational sessions explore hot topics, including transformative technology, community building, innovative funding and financde, safety, workforce development, worldwide mega projects, and more.    
          Who should attend: public transportation agency and business leaders and staff, board members, representatives of governmental agencies, manufacturers, suppliers, and consultants


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