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 Safety/Security Tips for Meeting Registrants

The American Public Transportation Association is providing the following safety and security information as a service to our registrants in light of the new safety and security realities. This is aglobal issue that is not short term. We appreciate your cooperation.

Before The Meeting:

  • Questions concerning plans for the meeting should be directed to APTA's Meetings Department at (202) 496-4800 and/or check the APTA web-site at

  • Do not hesitate to contact the hotel directly and/or the local convention and visitor's bureau to learn of any safety/security issues.

  • Educate yourself on the expectations of the airports/airlines; e.g. what items are allowed as carryon luggage versus checked luggage, what time you should arrive at the airport, etc.

  • Photocopy the personal information pages of your passport or driver's license and make copies of all the credit cards and other items you are taking in your wallet or purse. Keep a copy with you and leave another copy at your home or office.

  • Make sure that someone at your home/office knows your specific schedule and how to contact you.

  • Pack a small pocket-sized flashlight.

  • Check your travel documents and reconfirm your flight information.

  • Consider using public transportation or taxi to the airport since parking and curbside access will be controlled and limited.

  • Keep track of your carry-on luggage at all times including your laptop computer.

  • All key company executives should not travel together.

  • Be alert to local and international news/issues. If the meeting is at an international destination, make note of the address and telephone number of the nearest US Embassy or Consulate.

At The Meeting:

  • Use all door-locking devices in your hotel room. Do not open the door without verifying who it is.

  • Identify the nearest emergency exits, fire extinguishers and fire alarm pulls to your hotel floor and room, to your workshop/session room, and/or Trade Show floor.

  • Report any suspicious activity in or around the hotel facility to hotel security/management.

  • Use the hotel safe deposit boxes for valuables.

  • While attending a workshop/session, please wear your badge at all times. Should you lose your badge, inform the APTA Registration desk immediately. Should you find a badge, return it to the APTA Registration desk immediately. If the Registration desk is closed, take it to hotel "Lost and Found".

  • Travel in groups when possible, and walk only in well-lit areas.

  • For medical emergencies contact the hotel staff immediately. APTA's on-site Media Office and Registration Desk can also be contacted during operating hours. Names of injured individuals should never be divulged until APTA and family members have been notified.

Leaving The Meeting:

  • Reconfirm your flight

  • Review your airline instructions.

  • Consider using public transportation or taxi to the airport since parking and curbside access will be controlled and limited.


Have A Safe And Pleasant Trip Home!

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