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American Public Transportation Association

 Program At-A-Glance

Expand/Collapse Date : 10/1/2010 ‎(2)
9:00AM12:00PMEno - New Board Member Orientation
1:00PM5:00PMEno  Transit Board Summit - Part 1
Expand/Collapse Date : 10/2/2010 ‎(17)
9:00AM10:30AMDiversity Council
9:00AM12:00PMEno  Transit Board Summit - Part 2
9:30AM11:00AMBusiness Member Programs Committee
9:45AM11:00AMInternational Public Transportation Expo Advisory Committee
10:00AM5:00PMAPTA Registration & Host Information Desks
10:30AM12:00PMHigher Education Subcommittee
11:30AM12:30PMBusiness Member Small Business Committee
12:30PM1:30PMADA Subcommittee (Transit Board Members Committee)
1:00PM2:30PMBusiness Member Business Development Committee
1:30PM3:00PMWorkforce Development Subcommittee
2:00PM5:00PMParatransit Workshop - Managing Cost and Demand with Eligibility Certification, Trip-by-Trip Eligibility, and Travel Training
2:30PM4:00PMBusiness Member Procurement Committee
3:30PM5:00PMLabor Relations Subcommittee
4:00PM5:00PMBusiness Member Liaison & Outreach Committee
4:00PM5:30PMCommuter & Intercity Rail Joint Legislative Subcommittee
4:30PM6:00PMIntergovernmental Issues Subcommittee
6:00PM8:00PMHuman Resources Committee (Dutch-treat dinner)
Expand/Collapse Date : 10/3/2010 ‎(47)
7:00AM8:00AMBusiness Member Government Affairs Subcommittee
7:30AM9:30AMHigh Speed & Intercity Rail Committee
7:30AM9:30AMMember Services Committee
7:30AM6:30PMAPTA Registration & Host Information Desks
8:00AM9:30AMLegislative Committee
8:00AM5:00PMModerators/Speaker & Audio Visual Preview Room
8:00AM9:30AMCapital Projects Subcommittee
8:30AM10:00AMRail Conference Planning Subcommittee
8:30AM10:00AMFare Systems & Programs Committee
8:30AM9:30AMBus Operations Committee
9:00AM11:00AMEmerging Technology Subcommittee
9:30AM11:30AM2009-2010 APTA Board of Directors
10:00AM2:00PMBus Safety Committee
10:00AM11:30AMLight Rail Transit Technical Forum
11:00AM1:00PMFinancial Management Committee
11:00AM12:15PMRolling Stock Equipment Technical Forum
11:00AM12:00PMWireless Communications Subcommittee
11:30AM12:00PMAPTA Annual Business Meeting and Election of Officers
12:00PM2:30PMBus & Paratransit CEOs Committee & Small Operations Committee
12:00PM2:00PMResearch & Technology Committee
12:30PM2:00PMStreetcar Subcommittee
1:00PM2:00PMLegislative Subcommittee (Transit Board Members Committee)
1:00PM3:00PMMarketing & Communications Committee
1:00PM2:00PMPublic-Private Partnerships Committee
1:00PM2:30PMAutomated Transit Technical Forum
1:30PM3:30PMCommittee of Audit Professionals
2:00PM4:00PMHuman Resources Committee
2:00PM5:00PMBusiness Member Board of Governors (BMBG)
2:00PM3:30PMBus Technical Maintenance Committee
2:00PM4:00PMCommunications Subcommittee (Power, Signals & Communications Committee)
2:15PM3:30PMRail Transit Committee
2:30PM4:00PMTransit Board Members Committee
2:30PM4:00PMOlder Adult Transportation Subcommittee (Access Committee)
2:30PM4:00PMShared Use Working Group
3:00PM4:30PMState Affairs Committee
3:00PM4:30PMAutomated Transit Technical Forum
3:30PM4:30PMThis is APTA – Realizing the Full Potential of Membership
3:30PM4:30PMMeeting Site Selection Committee
3:30PM4:30PMFederal Procedures and Regulations Subcommittee
3:45PM5:00PMRail Standards Policy and Planning Committee
4:00PM5:30PMProcurement & Materials Management Committee
4:00PM5:30PMClean Propulsion & Support Technology Committee
4:00PM6:00PMInformation Technology Committee
4:30PM5:00PMBoard Support Subcommittee
4:30PM5:30PMLeadership APTA Alumni Group
4:30PM6:00PMPolicy & Planning Committee
6:00PM8:00PMWelcome Reception/Products & Services Showcase
Expand/Collapse Date : 10/4/2010 ‎(28)
7:00AM8:15AMProcurement Steering Committee
7:00AM8:30AMSustainability Committee
7:30AM8:15AMTransit Board Members Program Planning Subcommittee
7:30AM8:30AMWaterborne Transit Committee
7:30AM5:00PMAPTA Registration & Host Information Desks
7:30AM8:30AMContinental Breakfast
8:00AM5:00PMModerators/Speakers & Audio Visual Preview Room
8:30AM10:00AMOpening General Session: Public Transportation Takes Us There
8:30AM6:30PMBus Technical Maintenance and Procurement & Materials Management Workshop
10:15AM11:30AMGeneral Session: Crystal Ball versus Harsh Realities - The Future of  Managing & Financing Public Transportation Systems in Unprecedented Economic Times
11:30AM2:00PMProducts & Services Showcase
11:30AM12:30PMAPTF Board of Directors Meeting
12:00PM2:00PMRail Transit CEOs Subcommittee
1:00PM2:30PMBoard Support Support Subcommittee & Transit Board Members Committee "Paperless Board Meeting"
2:15PM3:45PMVIA’s Host Forum
2:15PM3:45PMAdWheel Awards Ceremony
2:15PM3:45PMCreating a Safety First Culture
2:15PM3:45PMState of the Industry - Where Do We Go from Here
2:15PM3:45PMAccessibility for All: A Visioning Process
2:15PM3:45PMHigh Speed Rail Delivery Methods
3:00PM5:00PMSystems Engineering Subcommittee
4:00PM5:30PMAPTF 2010 Scholarship Awards Ceremony - Growing the Next Wave of
4:00PM5:30PMDBE 2010: Challenges & Changes - Are You Ready?
4:00PM5:30PMConnecting the Dots - Energy, Environment, Transportation, Housing, Livability
4:00PM5:30PMTechnology Strategies for Organization
4:00PM12:00AMTechnical Tour: Paving the Way with VIAtrans Services
5:30PM6:30PMMaking the Business Connection: Creating Partnership Opportunities for DBEs and Small Businesses
6:30PM7:30PMAmerican Public Transportation Foundation Gala Reception: Celebrating the Next Wave of Leaders
Expand/Collapse Date : 10/5/2010 ‎(29)
7:00AM8:30AMIntelliDrive Listening Session
7:00AM8:30AMSafety & Security Technical Forum
7:00AM8:30AMMobility Management Committee
7:30AM8:30AMCoffee Break
7:30AM8:30AMContinental Breakfast
8:00AM5:00PMAPTA Registration & Host Information Desks
8:00AM5:00AMModerators/Speakers & A/V Preview Room
8:30AM10:00AMGeneral Session: APTA Business Members Present Malcolm Gladwell
10:15AM11:30AMGeneral Forum: High-Speed Rail in the U.S. - A Status Update
10:15AM11:30AMTransit's Social Media Journey: Lessons Learned
10:15AM11:30AMBest Practices for Small Operators
10:15AM11:30AMBuilding a Sustainable Workforce for Public Transportation
10:15AM11:30AMTitle VI/Enivronmental Justice Peer Exchange
11:45AM1:45PMAwards Luncheon
12:00PM3:00PMLegal Affairs Committee
2:00PM4:00PMForging Transit and MPO Partnerships for Livable and Sustainable Communities
2:00PM4:00PMGeneral Forum:  Transit and The State DOT Commissioner - The Future is Multi-Modal
2:00PM4:00PMAchieving Success through Public-Private Partnerships
2:00PM4:00PMThe Letter & the Spirit of the ADA Law
2:00PM5:00PMTechnical Tour: VIA's Maintenance Facility
2:00PM4:00PMFRA Interim Guidance Session
3:00PM4:30PMSoaring to New Heights without a Runway
4:00PM5:30PMLeadership APTA - Celebrating Tommorrow's Leaders
4:15PM5:30PMAccess Committee
4:30PM5:30PMMid-Sized Bus Systems Working Group
5:00PM6:00PMTransit Natural Gas Coalition Reception
5:30PM6:30PMADA Celebrates 20 Years Reception
5:30PM6:30PMLeadership APTA Reception
6:30PM7:30PMEno Transportation Foundation Reception
Expand/Collapse Date : 10/6/2010 ‎(13)
7:30AM12:00PMAPTA Registration & Host Information Desks
7:30AM9:15AMAPTA/WTS Breakfast
9:30AM11:00AMAPTA Standards for Livable and Sustainable Communities
9:30AM11:00AMMobility Management for Livable and Sustainable Communities
9:30AM11:00AMStrategies for Implementing a State of Good Repair
9:30AM11:00AMMaking Energy Efficiency Work
9:30AM11:00AMSuccessful Transit Agency - Business Partnerships in Tight Times
11:15AM12:30PMClosing General Session: Elections 2010 – What Does It Mean?
12:30PM4:00PMIntelliDrive Stakeholder Steering Committee Meeting
1:30PM3:30PMProfessional Development Session: Customer Service At It's Best
1:30PM3:30PMForging Transit/Bicycle/Pedestrian Partnerships: A Peer Exchange
1:30PM5:00PMFTA New Starts/Small Starts Workshop
3:00PM5:00PM2010-2011 APTA Board of Directors
Expand/Collapse Date : 10/7/2010 ‎(1)
8:00AM12:30PMTransit Agencies: Catalysts for TOD: A Transit-Oriented Development Workshop

APTA reserves the exclusive right to make program changes at any time.


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