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 Fare Collection Session Topics

Topic 1: Fare Collection 101

Are you new to fare collection? This session is a road map for facilitating a needs assessment, evaluating options, procuring a system, managing a project and ensuring institutional change. It provides an overview of system planning, the relationship between fare policy and fare collection, reviews the current state of the technology for rail and bus, fare media options, fare collection standards, and also spotlights emerging trends in fare payment. It closes with a synopsis of real-life cases of select transit agencies. Fare Collection 101 is specifically designed for those transit professionals who are either new to the discipline or wish to augment their experience.

Topic 2: Fare Collection 102

Complementing Fare Collection 101, the theme of Fare Collection 102 is business process reengineering. The session will cover goal-setting for improving efficiencies and service; identifying appropriate technologies; establishing cross-functional project teams; evaluating processes, and developing the processes and structure to ensure a smooth transition.

Topic 3: Technology

This topic will deal with new, existing and affordable technology. In this century it is also important to be able to integrate technology into existing systems and to be able to properly manage it.

Topic 4: Implementation and Project Management

You have received funding through an ARRA grant. You have made the decisions of what systems and upgrades your agency needs. Now what? In this topic attendees will learn how to implement different types of fare collection systems and how to manage that process to ensure success.

Topic 5: Design

This topic looks at ways to conduct a needs analysis at your agency to determine the best system for you. By conducting an analysis of your ridership, business processes and modes agencies will understand the various options and benefits whether single or multi-modal.

Topic 6: Marketing Programs

More and more, transit agencies are partnering with other organizations -- such as local employers, social service agencies and interest Attendees will learn innovative ways to introduce transit to non-traditional users.

Topic 7: Auditing and Reporting

These sessions will discuss auditing your system to discover new efficiencies or discover fraud. Auditing procedures will help can agencies determine the entire system is operating at its most efficient. How many reports do you run? Discover reporting techniques to get the information you need not just the information you think you want.

Topic 8: ADA Issues

This is the twentieth anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. In this topic attendees will learn what has happened, where we are at and a look at what is to come. As systems become more complex so do issues surrounding accessibility. How a transit agency approaches this is very important to its operations.

Topic 9: Best Practices

This topic will feature the best practices and successful projects from any aspect of fare collection. New and innovative ideas to properly implement and manage the entire fare collection process at any stage.

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