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 Presentations from the 2016 Marketing & Communications Workshop

Below are the presentations from the 2016 Marketing & Communications Workshop, held February 28 - March 2, 2016, in Phoenix, AZ.
collapse Session : Big Projects and the Unexpected Left Turns that May Occur ‎(1)
Lauren Albert
Managing Projects with Vocal Opposition
collapse Session : Branding ‎(3)
Stella Lin
Bus Fleet Branding - Design Case Study
Nicole Recker
How To Be An Exceptional Small Fish In A Really Big Pond
Wendy Williams
Implementing a Veterans Fair - AKA-Rebranding a Discount
collapse Session : Campaigns for Customers ‎(2)
Susan Tierney
Campaigns for Customers Valley Metro Safety Campaign
Beth Bousley
Courtesy Campaign 2015
collapse Session : Engaging Your Audience - Building Your Brand ‎(1)
Timothy Tait
Messages with Personality
collapse Session : Engaging Your Audience, Building Your Brand ‎(1)
Deborah Sedillo Dugan
City of Phoenix Social Media Strategy
collapse Session : Leveraging Analytics ‎(1)
Matthew Hibbard
Advantages of Analytics - How to use data to boost content
collapse Session : Planning and Executing Large Events ‎(2)
Cindy Baker
A World Series Parade and Rally
Bernice Alaniz
Super Bowl 50 Communications
collapse Session : Research Issues and Answers ‎(4)
Tim Healy
Sound Waves
Jason Minser
Customer Retention
Carol Smith
Focus Groups
Aaron Weinstein
Customer Satisfaction
collapse Session : The Social Media Landscape ‎(3)
Jennifer Jinadu-Wright
The Social CEO
Kevin Lee
Building An Engaged Social Media Community
Teresa Stepic
Social Media - What's Going On Out There
collapse Session : Videos & Photos ‎(1)
Cyndi Raskin-Schmitt
Video and Social Media - An Interaction of Awesome
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