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 Presentations from the 2014 Multimodal Operations Planning Workshop

Below are the presentations from the 2014 Multimodal Operations Planning Workshop, held August 11-13, 2014, in Chicago, IL.
collapse Session : Borrowing Successful Ideas from Other Areas  ‎(4)
Borrowing Successful Ideas from Other Areas Title Slide
Ron Downing
Borrowing Successful Ideas Title Slide
Bus on Shoulders in Chicagoland
Seth Morgan
Michael Bolton
Morgan Bolton BusOnShoulders2
Finding the Untapped Market
Daniel Boyle
Boyle DB W 845
The Importance of Peer Agencies in the Development of Service Standards
Thomas More
More_Peer Agencies Service Standards
collapse Session : Calculating Running Time  ‎(3)
Calculating Running Time Title Slide
Steve Legler
Calculating Running Time Title Slide
I-225 Rail Line Running Time Calculation
Eric Miller
Lacy Bell,
RTD Denver I-225 Running Time
Using Runtime Frequency Distributions to Optimize Trip Times/Performance
Eric Callison
collapse Session : Host Session I ‎(4)
Host Session I Title Slide
Lynnette Ciavarella
Host Session I Title Slide
Making Multimodal Connections: The RTA’s Interagency Signage and Wayfinding Initiative
Joseph A. Moriarty
Red Line South: Alternatives During Construction
Elsa Gutierrez
Gutierrez, Elsa - Red Line South
Union Station Master Plan
Jeffrey Sriver
Sriver - CUS Presentation
collapse Session : Host Session II ‎(4)
Chicago Region’s Interoperable Transit Signal Priority Program
Kevin Stanciel
Stanciel_Regional TSP
GTFS Data for Passenger Information & Operations Control
Jeff Brantz
Dan Miodonski
Host Session II Title Slide
Michael Bolton
Host Session II Title Slide
Pace Suburban Bus Arterial Bus Rapid Transit Program
Brandy Kellom
Kellom PACE
collapse Session : Last Mile Connections ‎(2)
Chicago Region Shuttle Bugs
Peter Fahrenwald
Hersh Singh
Last Mile Connections Title Slide
T.R. Hickey
Last Mile Connections Title Slide
collapse Session : Monday Lunch - Past Chairs Presentation ‎(1)
Past Chair Lunch Presentation
Damon Blythe
Past Presidents Lunch Presentation slide
collapse Session : Planning Staff Coordination   ‎(5)
Coordinated Transit Planning at King County Metro Transit
Lisa Shafer
Land Use and the Transit Market
Kyle Burrows
My Bus Is Too Crowded!
Katie Chalmers
Opening the Black Box to Shed Light on TransLink’s Network Management Process
Peter Klitz
Peter Klitz - TransLink's Network Management Process
Planning Staff Coordination Title Slide
Paul Bignardi
Planning Staff Coordination Title Slide
collapse Session : Public Outreach (Part I) ‎(3)
Getting Real Feedback from Real Customers Planner
Steve J. Patrinick
Tracy Manning
Patrinick and Manning
Public Outreach (Part I) Title Slide
Cyndi Harper
Public Outreach I Title Slide
Public Outreach and Bus Stop Consolidation at WMATA Network
Jamie Cepler
Cepler APTA bus stop consolidation presentation
collapse Session : Public Outreach (Part II) ‎(4)
“Pushy” Engagement: Metro’s in your face approach to public involvement
Scott Giering
Giering - Presentation
Metrobus Annual Service Evaluations Ready for the Next Budget Cycle
Al Himes
Sam Stepney
Playing Games: Transit Values Exercise
Roland Behee
Behee - Transit Values Exercise
Public Outreach (Part II) Title Slide
Howard Benn
Public Outreach II Title Slide
collapse Session : Relationships between Planning and Operations ‎(5)
All You Gotta Do Is Talk: Building Effective Ties between Planning and Operations
Kristin Thompson
Facilitating Subway Service Improvements with Near-Real Time Data Visualization and Reporting
Alla Reddy
Boris Suchkov
Operations Planning’s Relationship with MTA Bus Operations
Mark A. Holmes
Andrew Grahl
Holmes Grahl OP vs Bus Ops
Relationships between Planning and Operations Title Slide
Michael Abegg
Relationships Planning Ops Title Slide
Subway Operations and Operations Planning Collaborations for Subway Service Improvements at NYC Transit
Peter G. Cafiero
John G. Gaul
Gaul Cafiero
collapse Session : Restructuring Service around High Frequency Service (Part I) ‎(3)
Light Rail Connects St. Paul & Minneapolis: METRO Green Line and Her Buses
John Dillery
Dillery GLand her Buses
Restructuring Service around High Frequency Service (Part I) Title Slide
Pat Scrimgeour
Restructuring Service I Title Slide
West Rail Line Service Plan and Route Restructuring
Eric Miller
Lacy Bell
RTD Denver West Line Service Plan
collapse Session : Restructuring Service around High Frequency Service (Part II) ‎(3)
Impact Analysis on Corridor Overlay vs. Single Route Service in Planning
Jpseph Alsop
Multimodal Networks: Portland’s Experience
Ken Zatarain
Restructuring Service around High Frequency Service (Part II) Title Slide
Jim Moore
Restructuring Service II Title Slide
collapse Session : Restructuring Service around High-Frequency Service (Part 2) ‎(1)
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Implementation in Istanbul, Turkey
Anil Yazici
Camille Kamga
Yazici Kamga BRT
collapse Session : Tuesday Lunch Panel ‎(1)
Tuesday Lunch Panel Title Slide
Cyndi Harper
Tuesday Lunch Panel
collapse Session : Tuesday Opening Session ‎(1)
Tuesday Opening Session Title Slide
Jim Moore
Open Session Title Slide
collapse Session : Welcome ‎(2)
Pace Suburban Bus
T.J. Ross
TJ Ross Presentation
Welcome Session Title Slide
Damon Blythe
Welcome Session Title Slide
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