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 Presentations & Technical Papers - 2016 Rail Conference

Presentations and technical papers are now available for many of the sessions from the conference. If you attended the 2016 Rail Conference, held June 18-23, 2016, in Phoenix, AZ. You will have access to view the conference materials and you must be logged into MyAPTA. If you did not attend the conference, APTA members will have access to view the materials three months after the last day of the conference. ​​​

collapse Session :  ‎(2)
Robert Forrest and Joe Bowar Rail speaker slides_Title VI_Phx_VM
Risk Control and Opportunity Realization (White Paper
Mark W. Bailey, Sr.
Jennifer Mariani
collapse Session : Advancing Transit in Regional Transportation Planning and Programming ‎(4)
Albert Santana
Albert Santana APTA Conf T2050 AS
Daryl Wendle
Daryl Wendle presentation
Lucy Garliauskas
Lucy Garliauskas FTA PPT Joint Final Rule planning final
Stephanie Shipp, AICP
Shipp_Rail Conference_Shipp [Compatibility Mode]
collapse Session : Alternate Delivery for Capital Porjects ‎(3)
Infrastructure and Systems in P3 - Right Balance/Right Timing
Yousef Kimiagar, MMSc., P.Eng., PMP
Opening RTD-Denver's New Commuter Rail (East Corridor)
Walt Stringer
Securing & Implementing Legislative Authority for Alternative Delivery of Projects at Sound Transit
Chad Brown
Howard Hillinger
collapse Session : Core Capacity ‎(5)
BART's Transbay Core Capacity Project
Duncan Watry
Donald J. Emerson
Core Capacity Primer
Donald J. Emerson
Planning for a Core Capacity Grant: The Essential Early Steps
Anne Louise Rice
Planning for Railroad Capacity Over the Potomac River at Long Bridge
Oscar J. Gonzalez
The DART Perspective
Stephen Salin, AICP
collapse Session : Cybersecurity ‎(4)
DeLois B. Babiker
Babiker, DeLois
Antwanye Ford
Ford, Antwanye
Martin Schroeder, M.S.M.E., P.E.
Schroeder, Martin_CH2M
Leigh Weber, CISSP
Weber, Leigh
collapse Session : Emergency Management and Special Events Planning ‎(2)
Developing Operational, Security-Emergency Management, and Communications Plans for Mega Events
Adrian Ruiz
Hillary Foose
Ray Abraham
Maria Hyatt
Ruiz, Adrian
When a Tree Falls: Rail Design Issues on Alignments with Tall Trees and Increased Storms
Brad Phillips
Nicholas C.J. Boyd
Phillips, Brad
collapse Session : Emerging Technology ‎(1)
Resiliency Protection Against Super Storms and Latent Damages
Warren S. Meyers
collapse Session : Environmental Considerations in Rail Planning and Project Development ‎(3)
Early Coordination with State DOT In Environmental Review
Robert Forrest
Robert Forrest Valley Metro
Environmental Review of Transit and Rail Projects by FHWA and State Departments of Transportation
Kammy Horne, AICP
Light Rail in an Interstate Right of Way: How Does FHWA's Involvement Affect NEPA Led by FTA?
Michelle Ginder
Daryl Wendle
Michelle Ginder and Daryl Wendle
collapse Session : Great Stations, Great Places ‎(4)
LA Union Station
Elizabeth Carvajal
Elizabeth Carvajal Great Stations Great Places Session calibri final
Miami Central
C. Mikel Oglesby
Mikel Oglesby - 2016 APTA Rail MiamiCentral FINAL-MO
Washington DC Union Station
David Tuchmann
David Tuchmann 16-0615 Burnham Place - APTA 2016
William Sirois
Denver Union Station
B Sirois APTA Rail DUS
collapse Session : Implementing Title VI/Environmental Justice Requirements ‎(2)
John Haley
John Haley - SFMTA Muni_Equity_Strategy_APTA Jun20
Lessons Learned from Equity Analysis of TriMet's MAX Orange Line
Alan T. Hehto
Alan Lehto Lesson Learned
collapse Session : Labor Relations Think Tank: Learning from Peers ‎(2)
Labor Management Partnerships
Patrice McElroy
TCRP Report 181
Scott Baker
Scott Baker
collapse Session : Looking Beyond PTC, the New Role of Operation Control Centers at the Social-Technical Interface ‎(1)
Planning the Shift to a MultiModal Operations Control Center
Michael Morgan
collapse Session : Maintenance ‎(3)
LRV Maintenance in Extreme Weather Conditions
Ken Raghunandan
Ken Raghunandan Slides
Snow! Winter Weather Rail Maintenance
Ryan Bauman
Jacob Splan
Ryan Bauman_ Jacon Splan
The Many Challenges of LRV Maintenance
Phil Eberl
Phil Eberl Slides
collapse Session : Mega Capital Projects ‎(4)
Sam Carnaggio Slides June 19, 2016
Fire and Water - The London Crossrail Experience
Mike King
Mike King Slides May 27, 2016
Fire and Water - The London Crossrail Experience (White Paper)
Mike King
MTA Capital Construction/LIRR East Side Access - How BIM Provides a Powerful Construction Management Tool
Damian J. Carey, C. Eng.
Lennart Andersson
Carey-Andersson Slides June 2, 2016
collapse Session : New Streetcar Systems: From Plans to Revenue Operations - Lessons Learned ‎(4)
Kansas City, MO Streetcar System - the Newest in the USA
Tom Gerend
Lessons Learned from Federally Funded Streetcar Projects
David Moroney
Tucson, AZ Project Streetcar System
Steve Bethel
Washington, DC Streetcar System
Timothy Borchers
collapse Session : Noise and Vibration ‎(4)
Design, Installation & Testing of Track Systems With No Corruation
Dr. Patrick Vanhonacker
Patrick Vanhonacker
Implementing Vibration and Rail Gap Controls in Preliminary Design - Sound Transit Lynwood Light Rail Extension
Yuhe Yang
Yuhe Yang
Non-traditional Noise and Vibration Mitigation Measures that Work
Christopher Layman, Ph.D.
Shannon McKenna
Dr. Judiith Rochat
Layman McKenna Rochat
Resilient Wheels
Todd Williams
Todd Williams
collapse Session : NTSB's Top Ten Most Wanted Safety List ‎(4)
Ted Turpin
Electrical Arc
Joe Gordon
Improving SSOs
Georgetta Gregory
10 Most Wanted
collapse Session : Operations ‎(4)
Custom Sanding Apparatus Equals Safer and More Efficient Methods for Virginia Railway Express
Austin Longshore, PE, PMP
Austin Longshore
Improving Service Quality with Multimodal Synchronization
Alexandre Savard
Aleandre Savard
Passenger Rail Vehicle/Staff Deployment Optimization: Best Practices and Next Steps
Robert Mulder
Robert Mulder
Train Service Performance - Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
Mike Palmer
Mike Palmer
collapse Session : Privately Funded Commuter & Intercity Rail ‎(3)
Innovating Off-Wire Technology Dallas Streetcar - Oak Cliff Line
John M. Rhone
Innovative Approach Accelerates Commuter Rail Transit (CRT) Mega-Project in Miami
Jaime Lopez, P.E.
Jaime Lopez Slides June 19, 2016 Rev 1
North Metro Commuter Rail  - Conception to Implementation
Jane E. Donovan, P.E.
collapse Session : Procurement of O&M Service Contracts ‎(3)
Contracting for Operations and Maintenance Services
Michael Minnaugh
Outsourcing a Startup Streetcar
Wright C. Parkes
Responding to O&M Solicitations
Michael H. Setzer
collapse Session : Project/Contract Management and Dispute Resoluition ‎(2)
Dispute Review Boards and their Application - Could they Help Your Project?
Brian J. Larkin, P.E.
Uncertainty Analysis in Transportation Capital Investment Planning and Executiion
Carlos M. Alvaredo
Carlos Alvarado
collapse Session : Rail System Safety Seminar ‎(2)
Safety Management System Guidelines
5-31-16 Rail Transit SMS Guideline copy
Safety Management System Overview
6-17-16 SMS Overview Rail Conference June 2016
collapse Session : Rolling Stock: Materials, Design & Fire Protection ‎(3)
Maximizing the Benefits of Product Platforms to Transit Agencies
Andre Thibault
Andre Thibault
Self-powered Wireless Preventive & Condition-based Maintenance Solutions for Rolling Stock & Track
Keith Abate, Sr.
Keith Abate
Smart Concepts - Making Rail Systems More Efficient by Using Innovative Onboard Fire Protection
Jonathan Redding
Jonathan Redding
collapse Session : Rolling Stock: Mechanicals, Commuter Rail Brakes & DMUs ‎(5)
Swanson Smatlak
COT&S Extension Process for Rail Transit Friction Brake Systems
Charles Turner
Charles Turner
DMU Implementation on Existing Commuter Rail Corridors: Opportunities, Challenges & Lessons
Roma J. McKenzie-Campbell, PMP
Caroline Ducas, P.E.
Ducas McKenzie-Campbell
ECP Standard Development and Testing Update - One Step Closer to Reality
Paul E. Jamieson, P.E.
Paul Jamieson
State of the Art in LRV Crashworthiness Standards
John D. Swanson
collapse Session : Safety Oversight and SMS: What You Need to Know ‎(1)
FTA Safety Oversight Update
Thomas Littleton, PhD
collapse Session : State of Good Repair and Transit Asset Management ‎(5)
Robert J. Tuccillo
Bob Tuccillo
Data and Decision Making in Asset Management
Mike Nabhan
Mike Nabhan
Importance of Boundary and Title Determination
Bernadette Lambert
Bernadette Lambert
State of Good Repair and Transit Asset Management
Michael McLaughlin
Mike McLaughlin APTA SOGR TAM Panel June 2016
Using Performance Metrics as a Tool in Asset Management
Steve Meyer
Steve Meyer SGR Asset Management [Compatibility Mode]
collapse Session : Station Area Planning ‎(3)
Partnering for Passenger Enhancements
Jacob Lynn Splan, MCMP
SPLAN- 2016 Rail _ Station Area Planning Session_Splan slides
Station and System Accessibility and ADA Compliance
Carol L. Ketcherside, AICP
Ron L. Brooks
Washington Metro
Shyam Kannan, LEED, AP
KANNAN -Station Area Planning
collapse Session : Streetcars with a Different Twist ‎(4)
Dallas Oak Cliff Line - Innovating Off-Wire Technology
John Rhone
John Rhone
Integrating Streetcar with Light Rail in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area
Wulf Grote, P.E.
Thomas (Alec) More
Wulf Grote Alec More
New Orleans - Quietly Expanding the System
Justin T. Augustine, III
Brendan J. Matthews
Justin Augustine_Brendan Mathews
Seattle's First Hill Line - Downhill Wireless and Uphill with OCS
Ethan Melone
collapse Session : Track and Rail ‎(4)
Embedded Track Construction Methods on the Northwest Extension Project - Phoenix, AZ
Erik Yingling
Erik Yingling
Planning for Success - Embedded Track Intersection Work
Christopher Chaffee
Chris Chaffee
Portable Track Geometry Measurement System: A Unique Derailment Investigation Tool
Narayana Sundaram
Narayana Sundaram
Vibration Mitigation for the Regional Connector Transit Corridor
Bill Baker
Michael J. Lehnen, PE. Assoc DBIA
Hugh Saurenman, Ph.D., P.E.
Baker Saurenman Lehnen
collapse Session : Traction Power ‎(2)
Conversion of Overhead Contact Systems Poles to Pantographs (White Paper)
Luigi Di Michele, C.E.T.
Peter Hrovat, P.Eng.
Richard J. Vella, Bsc.EE.
Paul F. White
Poles and Foundations for Overhead Contact Systems
John P. Seferiadis, P.E.
Matthew s. Donahue, P.E.
Paul F. White
collapse Session : Young Professional's Pitch Session ‎(2)
Heads-Up Displays and Transit
Stephanie Adames
Kyle Marshall
Joshua Matthews
Omar J. Peters
Sam Stevenson
Valley Metro Team
Partnering for Passenger Enhancements
Jacob L. Splan
Partnering for Passenger Enhancements
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