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The American Public Transportation Association is proud to present the 2013 APTA International Rail Rodeo Handbook.

Table of Contents

The PDF download contains the following information:

APTA’s 2013 International Rail Rodeo: What's Involved?

  1. Operators team competition

    • Events
    • Timed events
    • Score recording procedures
  2.  Maintainers team competition
    • Events
    • Score recording procedures 
    • Tie scores
  3. Overall team competition scoring
    • Combined overall scores
    • Tie scores
    • Distribution of the Rodeo event scores

APTA's International Rail Rodeo: What are the Specifics?

  1. Contestant qualifications, competition rules, and awards
    • Contestant qualifications
    • Competition rules
    • Awards
  2. Important aspects to the registration process
  3. Pennants

Local Rail Rodeos: What Are They? How Are They Conducted?

  1. What events comprise a typical rodeo?
    • Operators competition
    • Maintainers competition
  2. What are the eligibility requirements for contestants in a typical rodeo?
    • Train operators' competition contestant qualifications
    • Maintainers' competition contestant qualifications
  3. How do you organize a local rail rodeo?
    • Rodeo committee
    • Logistics and budget planning
    • Calendar development


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