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 Presentations from the 2016 Sustainability Workshop

Below are the presentations from the 2016 Sustainability and Public Transportation Workshop.
Expand/Collapse Session : Bicycle and Pedestrian Connectivity ‎(5)
Amanda Luecker
Keeping it Real - Design and Circulation Implications of Observed Bicyclist and Pedestrian Behavior
Dan Suraci
Setting the Standard - Introduction to Multimodal Accessibility Standards for Transit Agencies
Mike Jelen
Moderator Slides
Rob Borowski and Laura Dierenfield
Creating a Bicycle-Transit Friendly Community in Central Texas
Stacy Cook
Filling the Gaps - VIA Metropolitan Transit's Plans to Accommodate Growth and Enable Efficient Transit
Expand/Collapse Session : Climate Change Adaptation and Resiliency ‎(5)
Deborah Matherly
Improving the Resilience of Transit Agencies Threatened by Natural Disasters
Hal Johnson
Benefits of the Past Transit Investments and the Implications for Climate Change
Mark Kane, Adam Schildge
Perspectives from the Federal Transit Administration - Climate Change Adaptation and Resiliency
Cris Liban
Resiliency at LA Metro
Tim Doherty
Resiliency and the SFMTA - a focus on the future
Expand/Collapse Session : External Sustainability Business Practices ‎(4)
Janet Gonzalez
Sustainable Community - Laying Strong Foundations Using Envision
Kari Solomon
Strategic Planning and Performance Excellence for Sustainable Transportation
Michael Kiser
Making Matters – When Owners and Manufacturers Partner to Deliver Excellence in Light Rail Station Environments
Pete Ballard
Energy Efficiency on the 'L' - How CTA is Using Technology to Reduce Power Consumption
Expand/Collapse Session : Financing and Collaborating for Sustainability ‎(4)
Bethany Whitaker
Using Energy Services Company Models to Finance Investments in Transportation Efficiency
Ella Claney
Funding Transportation through Carbon-Based Revenue Sources - What Works, What Doesn't, And Why
Christina Jaworski, Timothy Doherty, Michelle Senatore
Conserving Water California Style
Michelle Senatore
30 Public Partners - Local Collaboration for Improved Resource Efficiency
Expand/Collapse Session : Innovations in Sustainability ‎(4)
Daniel Lee
Creating Sustainability in the Lab - Metro's Sustainability Lab as an Incubator
Monika Johnson
Community Economics - Building TriMet's Orange Line
Stephan Schmidt
Leveraging Data to Support Sustainability
Ryan Popple
Zero-Emission Mass Transportation
Expand/Collapse Session : Internal Sustainable Business Practices ‎(5)
Alison Buck
The Road to a Greener Transit Agency
Lolalisa King, Jonathon Blackburn
The Business Case for Sustainability with Funding Assistance
Michael Donaghy
Utility Management as a Cornerstone of an Agency's Sustainability Program
Paul Koleber
Saving Fuel When You Can't Replace Your Fleet Overnight
Robert Furber
Harnessing the Power of Information to Build Your Sustainability Program
Expand/Collapse Session : Smart City Challenge Plenary ‎(5)
Dick Jarrold
Kansas City Area Transportation Authority
Eric Hesse
Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet)
Michael Bradley
Central Ohio Transit Authority
Stephan Schmidt
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority
Stephanie Gidigbi
US Department of Transportation
Expand/Collapse Session : Social Sustainability ‎(4)
Barry Barker
Safe Place Initiative and Transit
Jake Warr
Keeping Transit Affordable - Lessons Learned from the Front Lines
Kana Sakata
Community Engagement around Ridership at Tokyo Metro
Ken Anderson
Integrating Workplace Wellness within Transit Agencies
Expand/Collapse Session : Sustainable Community Planning ‎(5)
Benjamin Smith
Who Needs Drones - How the City of Seattle and King County Metro Delivered BRT to Amazon's Front Door
Fred Jones
JTA's Mobility Corridors Program - Improving System Performance through Enhanced Connectivity
Bob Hastings
A Tale of Two Cities ‐ Insights from the Orange Line MAX
Justin John
Perspectives from the Federal Transit Administration - Sustainable Community Planning
Daniel Rowe
Improving Access to Transit through Innovative Parking Practices
Expand/Collapse Session : Technology and Transit ‎(4)
Meg Merritt, Eric Hesse
Enabling seamless integration between transit and shared mobility
Dick Jarrold
KCATA and Bridj
Joe Iacobucci
Seattle Mobility Services Plan -- Shared Mobility and Microtransit
Lauren Isaac
How Transit Agencies Can Plan for Driverless Cars
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