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 Presentations from the 2014 Transit Board Members & Board Support Seminar

Below are the presentations from the 2014 Transit Board Members & Board Support Seminar held on July 19-22, 2014 in Cleveland, OH.
collapse Session : Agenda Packet Preparation in Cleveland ‎(1)
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority Site Visit
Theresa Ann Burrage
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
Cleveland, OH
Theresa Burrage
collapse Session : APTA Chair & President's Round Table* ‎(1)
The national perspective - energize, organize, and reauthorize
Michael P. Melaniphy
Washington, DC
Michael P. Melaniphy
collapse Session : Board Members' Roles with Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Partners ‎(3)
Key Drivers of a Constructive MPO-Transit Relationship –The Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA) Experience
John C. Spychalski
Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA)
State College, PA
John Spychalski
Metropolitan Transportation Planning: Executive Seminar
Grace Gallucci
Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency
Cleveland, OH
Grace Gallucci
Project Connect Vision Map
David Siebold
Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Austin, TX
David Siebold
collapse Session : Clarity of Course: Leadership Workshop - Setting Personal Commitments ‎(1)
Clarity of Course Leadership Workshop
Diane Helbig
Seize This Day Coaching
Lakewood, OH
Diane Helbig
collapse Session : Electronic Records Management Systems ‎(1)
How public transportation can best leverage their use
Komal Gulich
FirstEnergy Corporation
Akron, OH
Komal Gulich
collapse Session : It’s All About Advocacy: How to Engage Our Stakeholders ‎(1)
Where Public Transportation Goes Community Grows
Jennifer Kalczuk
Interurban Transit Partnership (The Rapid)
Grand Rapids, MI  49503
Jennifer Katczuk
collapse Session : New Board Support Orientation ‎(1)
TBS History
Roberta Boomer
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
San Francisco, CA
Roberta Boomer
collapse Session : OPENING GENERAL SESSION ‎(1)
OPENING GENERAL SESSION; America's Future is Riding on Public Transportation
Frederick L. Daniels Jr.
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
Atlanta, GA
Frederick Daniels
collapse Session : OPENING GENERAL SESSION: America's Future is Riding on Public Transportation* ‎(1)
Listening Session: APTA Strategic Plan 2015-2019
Petra Mollet
Washington, DC
Petra Mollet
collapse Session : Public Transportation Board Development by Design* ‎(1)
Building High-Impact Board-CEO-GM Leadership
Doug Eadie
Dough Eadie & Company
Oldsmar, FL
Doug Eadie
collapse Session : Safety Panel ‎(1)
FTA: APTA Board Members Session: Safety Panel
Angela Dluger
Washington, DC
Angela Dluger
collapse Session : Strategies to Welcome Riders with Disabilities to Fixed-Route Services ‎(3)
Accessibility within Fixed Route Systems
Mary Jane Saenz, M.S., CRC
Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority
Corpus Christi, TX
Mary Jane Saenz
Enabling and Promoting the Use of Fixed-Route Transit by People with Disabilities
Russell H. Thatcher
TranSystems Corporation
Boston, MA
Russell H. Thatcher
Increasing Travel Training
Ryan Warner
Intercity Transit
Olympia, WA
Ryan Warner
collapse Session : Succession Planning & Workforce Development -- Dynamic Training Initiatives ‎(2)
Greater Cleveland Regiional Transit Authority: HealthLine
Joe Calabrese
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
Cleveland, Ohio
Succession Planning, Workforce Development, Training Initiatives
Dr. Barbara K. Gannon
Gloucester, MA  1930

Joseph A. Calabrese and Kari Solomon
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
Cleveland, OH

Carina Lieu
National Parks Scholar
Cuyahoga National Park, Ohio
Dr. Barbara K. Gannon
collapse Session : This is APTA: Maximizing Your Membership ‎(1)
This is APTA: Maximizing Your Membership
Michael P Melaniphy
Washington, DC
This is APTA 2014
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