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 Presentations from the 2015 Transit Board Members & Board Support Seminar

Below are the presentations from the 2015 Transit Board Members & Board Support Seminar held on July 18-21, 2015 in Denver, CO​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
collapse Session :  ‎(2)
PowerPoint Presentation
Blind side of communications_Accessible
This is APTA: Maximizing Your Membership
Michael P. Melinaphy
Douglas Lecato
Kelly Schmidt
This is APTA 2015 TBM
collapse Session : ​Delivering Your Message: A Template for Effective Board Presentations (Board Support) ‎(1)
Delivering Your Message
Jennifer Green-Ellison
Delivering Your Message- A Template for Effective Board Presentations - Jennifer Green-Ellison
collapse Session : Agenda & Minutes, Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan (Board Support) ‎(1)
Agenda & Minutes
Laura Bauer, CMC
BAUER Agendas AND Minutes
collapse Session : APTA Chair & President's Round Table ‎(2)
Chair & President's Round Table
Michael P. Melaniphy
PP Slides - Roundtable Denver 07-18-15
Chair & President's Round Table
Phillip A. Washington
Washington Round Table
collapse Session : Board Support Luncheon: The Blind Side of Communication ‎(1)
Blind Side of Communication
Dr. Claudia Folska, Ph.D.
Claudia Folska Blind side of communications_Accessible
collapse Session : Board Support Orientation 101 (Board Support) ‎(2)
Calendar Item & E-Routing
Roberta Boomer
Calendar Item Creation and E-Routing System - Roberta Boomer
Roles and Functions
Roberta Boomer
Board Support Roles and Functions - Roberta Boomer (2)
collapse Session : Closing Luncheon: What Board Members Need to Know about the Safety Management Systems Approach ‎(1)
Federal Transit Administration SMS Update
Brian Alberts
FTA SMS Update - APTA Board Members Conference 07.21.15 Final2
collapse Session : Collaboration - How We Can Make it Work (Board Support) ‎(2)
Collaboration Page Details
Jill Boltz, CMC
Jose Regyes
How to Use the Collaboration Page
How to Use the Collaboration Page
Jill Boltz
Boltz How to Use the Collaboration Page
collapse Session : Fundamentals of Transit Financing ‎(3)
APTA Funding Transit Study Mission
Mala L. Lien
APTA Study Mission
Denver FasTracks
Maria Garcia Berry
Maria Garcia Berry DENVER
Transit Finance
Marla L. Lien
LEIN MARLA Transit Finance - 6-2015
collapse Session : Is it Personal or Personality? Navigating Differences to Build Bridges of Respect (Board Support) ‎(2)
Generations at Work
Karen Main
Mein, Karen Generation at Work
Personal or Personality
Karen Main
Mein, Karen APTA Is it Personal or Personality 2015
collapse Session : Luncheon: Career Advancement ‎(1)
Transit Academy - Utah Style
Rebecca O. Cruz
collapse Session : Opening General Session: America's Future is Riding on Public Transportation ‎(1)
Michael P. Melaniphy
PP Slides - Opening Session Denver 07-19-15
collapse Session : The ADA Timeline: Where We Were, Where We Are, and Supporting Where We Are Going! ‎(4)
ADA Essesntials
Doug Lecato
2015 TBM seminar ADA _lecato
ADA Timeline
Denise A. Figueroa
CCRTA ADA Timeline
Mary J. Saenz, MS, C.R.C.
2015 ADA Presentation Mary Saenz CCRTA
RTD ADA Transit Services -to participate more fully in life
Bruce A. Abel
collapse Session : The Board's Role in Goal Setting & Performance Evaluations of the GM/CEO ‎(1)
Sample of Strategic Planning Process Flow Chart
Kent Bagley
Sample_RTD Goal setting and Evaluation model
collapse Session : The Complex Factors of Hiring a New CEO: The Role of the Board in Succession Planning ‎(1)
Ten Thoughts About Your CEO Search
Mortimer L. Downey, III
Mort Downey
collapse Session : The Strategic Importance of Transit to Revitalization of Communities and Economic Growth ‎(1)
Revitalization of Communities
Rick Garcia
2015 TBM seminar speaker slides R Garcia
collapse Session : Tricks of the Trade - Pechakucha Style (Board Support) ‎(4)
A Chairs Lifeline
Beth Vidaurri
Presiding Agenda - A Chairs Lifeline - Beth Vidaurri
Olympic Board Support
Nancy K. Johnson
Olympic Board Support - Nancy Johnson
Pillars of Efficiency
Gina Estrada
Pillars of Efficiency - Gina Estrada
Understanding Your Board
Kelly Schmidt
Understanding Your Board - Personality Traits and Learning Styles - Kelly Schmidt
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