Government Affairs Committee

This committee’s mission is to represent and support the interests of Business Members in APTA policy, legislative, and regulatory activities by advocating Business Member concerns before the APTA Legislative Committee, developing the advocacy component of the projects to be funded through the Business Member Activity Fund; and positioning the transit industry for additional funds by demonstrating the timely and efficient use of federal funds. The commitee also supports and encourages the involvement of APTA business members in advocating for transportation funding at all levels of government and provides resources to assist business members in their activities

Programs Committee

This committee works to enhance participation of Business Members in APTA’s Annual Meeting and technical conferences and develops program sessions for the major APTA conferences. The sessions that are developed focus on issues of concern for APTA business members related to policy and advocacy issues, business development and industry procurement practices.

Procurement Committee

This committee is working to strengthen the business climate in the transit industry. The committee monitors and provides input on changes in federal, state, and local regulations that affect procurement practices; and seeks to promote more timely obligation of federal funds and the adoption of procurement practices that simplify the way we do business.

Business Development Committee

This committee’s mission is to promote and facilitate business opportunities for APTA Business Members in the US and international marketplace. In addition, the Committee works with the APTA Marketing and Communications Committee on promotional efforts of interest.

Small Business Committee

This committee’s objective is to create a measurable value to the small and disadvantaged businesses. This will be accomplished by offering programs that facilitate networking and generating new business development opportunities; providing access to information and services of direct benefit to small business; and sustaining awareness of small business perspectives as they relate to APTA’s broader mission on diversity. The committee hosts a business networking breakfast on Monday morning at the bus and rail conferences every year and all APTA business members are welcome to attend and to meet potential new business partners.

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