Selection Principles:

The business member board of governors (BMBG) nominating committee will consider the following principles when selecting nominees for the business member positions on the BMBG:

1. The nominees selected should have diverse backgrounds, be representative of all business segments in APTA and be selected in accordance with APTA’s Diversity Policy. The nominating committee shall attempt to balance the BMBG with representation from all business member categories including, but not limited to, bus and rail vehicle manufacturers, bus and rail suppliers, consultants, contractors, contract service providers, architects and engineers, industry publications and other member categories. The Nominating Committee shall also insure that there is balanced representation on the BMBG for disadvantaged business enterprises and small businesses. The Nominating Committee shall also balance the selected candidates to assure geographical representation across the BMBG.

2. Nominees should be employed by an APTA member in good standing as defined in the APTA Bylaws, and must meet the qualifications for members of the BMBG as outlined in the BMBG Bylaws, including authorization to serve from the senior executive of their company and the company’s commitment to support the staff time and financial costs of attending meetings, fulfilling committee assignments and travel.

3. Nominees, and their company, should have a record of attending and actively participating in APTA and BMBG committees and meetings, and supporting APTA programs and initiatives such as standards, and/or reauthorization. Due to its importance, attendance at the BMBG’s annual business meeting in January is particularly important.

4. Nominees should hold senior level positions of authority in their company, with the power to make decisions affecting the transit part of their company’s business.

5. Nominees should be willing to communicate and promote BMBG goals with other business members and all APTA members, as well as supporting and advising the BMBG on relevant issues.

6. In considering nominations for open positions, the nominating committee will strive to provide the greatest possible opportunity for broad business member participation. Accordingly, the committee reserves the right not to select more than one nominee from each company for positions which are available on either the BMBG or the APTA board of directors.

Desirable Attributes:

The business member board of governors nominating committee should strongly consider the following attributes when selecting nominees for the BMBG and business member positions of the APTA board of directors:

1. diversity of businesses, individuals and experience;

2. a willingness to attend regional and industry meetings;

3. previous experience with APTA committees, governance and meetings;

4. a willingness to work to enhance APTA’s reputation and influence with potential business members.

5. a willingness to communicate regularly with other APTA board members and committees;

6. a willingness to work for the common industry good rather than company-specific issues;

7. knowledge of and involvement in advocating public transportation issues to elected and appointed officials.


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