July 1, 2013


Dear APTA Business Member:


I am writing to invite you to apply to represent the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) business members on the APTA Business Member Board of Governors (BMBG). At this time, the BMBG nominations committee is seeking candidates to fill 11 two-year terms on the APTA Business Member Board of Governors that commence at the end of the APTA Annual Meeting in October, 2013.


If you are interested in serving on the APTA Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors you should follow the directions on the APTA website regarding those positions.


Based on our experience in prior years, it is likely that additional positions on the BMBG will become vacant during the year. The names submitted during this nomination period will also be used by the nominating committee to select nominees to fill the remainder of the term for any BMBG position which become vacant during the next year.


The BMBG sets the course and direction for APTA business member activities. The BMBG board meets three times per year in conjunction with major APTA meetings and also holds a three-day annual business meeting in January to set its direction for the coming year. Attendance and participation are required of the board members, and those who do not meet the attendance policy established in the BMBG bylaws, will be automatically removed from the BMBG. While members are required to attend the BMBG’s annual business meeting and one other meeting or three other meetings called by the chair during calendar year; regular and active participation in APTA committees and BMBG meetings is also essential in fulfilling the role of a board member.


Attached to this letter is a list of principles and attributes the BMBG seeks from individuals who apply for these positions. The BMBG strongly encourages its members to support the participation of senior level women and minorities in its programs, and representation of small and mid-sized APTA member firms is desired.


Applications to represent the business members on the BMBG will be reviewed and selected by the BMBG nominating committee chaired by Chuck Wochele, past chair of the BMBG. The nominating committee will present its slate of BMBG nominees to the business members for election at their meeting on September 29, during the APTA Annual Conference in Chicago.


Please note that your application MUST be signed by the CEO of your company signifying agreement by your company to the requirements outlined on the application. A personal resume or bio MUST be submitted with your application. Applications that fail to meet these requirements will not be considered.


If you are interested in serving on the BMBG please fill out the attached nomination form and return it to APTA. NOMINATING FORMS MUST BE RETURNED TO APTA NO LATER THAN 5 p.m. EDT on Friday, August 9, 2013. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Fran Hooper, the BMBG’s staff advisor, at 202-496-4876 or fhooper@apta.com.


I hope you are interested in representing APTA’s business members. We need good people to apply, people who are interested in helping lead the transit industry in the years ahead and we are committed to enhancing diversity in our activities at APTA. The nomination form is available here.


Sincerely yours,


Angela Iannuzziello
Chair, Business Member Board of Governors, and
Vice President, Canada National Transit Market

Sector Lead, AECOM





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