The Leadership APTA Committee is appointed by the APTA Chair. The committee oversees the Leadership APTA program and selects the individuals who will participate in each incoming class. Leadership APTA is a professional development program designed to identify and nurture the next generation of leaders in the transit industry and within the APTA organizational structure. Through Leadership APTA, selected individuals participate in an extensive series of meetings, workshops, and research assignments that address the issues, skills, and demands of transit and APTA leadership. At least twenty-five individuals are chosen each year to participate in the program, which begins in the fall at APTA’s Annual Meeting and concludes with the class’ graduation at the following APTA Annual Meeting.

APTA Committees and Subcommittees are now part of APTAconnect, APTA’s members-only, secure online community space specifically designed to connect you to your peers, colleagues, and friends.

Our online communities are aligned with APTA’s highly valued committees. If you’re a member of a committee, you’re automatically a member of its corresponding online community.

Committee membership is open to all employees of APTA members in good standing, and participation in one or more committees/subcommittees is encouraged and welcomed.

Except for those committees listed as “by appointment only,” you may join a committee or subcommittee by submitting the Committee Interest Form. Upon receipt of your request, you will be added to the committee/subcommittee and contacted by the staff advisor.

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