Upscaling Bus Electrification: The Road to a Zero-Emission Fleet
June 21-27, 2020
Amsterdam, Cologne, and Paris

APTA invites you to join a select group of APTA members on a study mission to Europe to explore what it takes to deploy, operate and maintain an electric bus fleet. Numerous transit agencies in North America have been mandated to electrify their bus fleets. Others are making conscientious decisions on how they provide sustainable, zero emission bus service.

This study mission is designed to give participants in-depth insights into:

  • How to approach transitioning from small-scale pilots to a large electric bus fleet;
  • What is required in terms of organizational management, operations, maintenance, training, route structures, depot design, the charging infrastructure, the relationship with utilities, funding and financing models and;
  • The latest operating concepts and technological developments in electric vehicle technology, including batteries and alternative options such as hydrogen fuel cells.

Led by APTA Chair Nuria Fernandez and APTA President and CEO Paul P. Skoutelas, this study mission will be a unique, high-level learning opportunity that promotes information-sharing and education for participating members. The mission will consist of in-depth stakeholder presentations and roundtable discussions with European decision-makers and practitioners charged with bus electrification strategy, planning implementation and development; guided site visits; and, debriefing sessions. The aim is to provide a view on a diversity of experiences with bus electrification in a variety of operational settings.

Amsterdam Itinerary

The mission will start in Amsterdam, hosted by the Amsterdam Transport Authority, the commissioning and financing authority for bus, streetcar and heavy rail transit as well as road, rail and cycling infrastructure for the greater Amsterdam region, serving 15 municipalities. The Transport Authority has pledged to purchase 100% emissions-free buses by 2025 (tank-to-wheel) and have a 100% carbon neutral (well-to-wheel) transit system by 2030 with exclusively renewable energy. Currently the region has 144 electric buses in operation (20% of the fleet and the largest in Europe) with plans to introduce an additional 150 in 2020. The Transport Authority is piloting plug-ins, opportunity charging and in-motion-charging and is experimenting with alternative forms of financing the bus fleet and charging infrastructure.

Cologne Itinerary

Participants will continue on to Cologne where KVB, the local light rail and bus operator, has been operating 8 electric buses since 2016 on a 4.3 mile route and is aiming to expand its fleet to serve 6 more routes by 2021 and an additional 7 routes by 2022 for a total of 114 electric buses. KVB has built up significant experience with operating in highly congested roads, heavy rain and summer and winter temperatures, viable options for charging infrastructure, depot configurations and creating redundancy of the energy supply.

Paris Itinerary

The study mission will end in Paris where the public transportation operator, RATP, is preparing for the transition of its 4,700 bus fleet to 100% ecologically-friendly by 2025, with a conversion of two-thirds of its depots for electric buses and one-third for biogas. RATP will have 200 electric buses in operation by June 2020. In preparation for the 2025 transition, RATP has conducted a comprehensive program of piloting electric buses in real life operating conditions, experimenting with new technologies, the latest generation of batteries and the interoperability between buses and recharging stations while focusing on enhancing the value of its associated real-estate assets. While in Paris, study mission participants will have the opportunity to visit the 2020 European Mobility Exhibition showcasing the latest technologies and services in public transportation.

Study Mission Application and Costs

The cost of the study mission will be $6,500 per person, which includes local and intercity transportation in and between cities, hotel accommodations with breakfast and most other meals. Participants will be responsible for arranging their own travel to and from Europe (arriving in Amsterdam at the latest by the morning of Sunday June 21, 2020 and departing from Paris at the earliest on the morning of Saturday June 27, 2020). A program booklet with local host profiles, participant bios and a detailed itinerary will be provided prior to departure. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in pre-trip conference calls to review the study mission framework and discuss key questions and desired takeaways.

The study mission is limited to a maximum of 30 participants. To request a space on the study mission, the application form below should be completed and returned to APTA no later than noon (PT) on Wednesday January 292020. Participants will be notified on the status of their application by Wednesday, February 5, 2020 and a deposit of $2,500 will be due by February 20, 2020. The balance will be due by April 15, 2020 after which time the deposit is non-refundable (unless the mission is postponed/canceled).

Applicants must 1) be APTA members or political decision-makers in APTA member jurisdictions, 2) commit to participate in the entire duration of the trip, and 3) be the CEO/senior executive of a transit agency ideally with responsibility for bus electrification, innovation, technology and/or strategic planning; be a transit board member; or be a senior-level executive of a business member organization with expertise and responsibilities in the relevant topics of the study mission. Review of qualified applicants will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

APTA is committed to diversity. We seek to assemble a mission representative of that diversity, including public and private sector participants, and in accordance with APTA’s diversity and inclusion policy. While consideration will be given to early applicants, it will not guarantee acceptance. If the mission is oversubscribed, preference will be given to one applicant per APTA member organization.

Please select one payment option below:
If accepted, I will send a check for a deposit of $2,500 payable to APTA (marked APTA 2020 Study Mission to Europe) by February 14, 2020.If accepted, I will authorize APTA to charge my credit card for $2,500 as a deposit for the study mission by February 14, 2020.

Note: Space is limited to 30 participants. Qualified applicants will be reviewed in accordance with APTA policies on a first-come, first-served basis. All applicants will be notified of their status by COB January 31, 2020.

All participants on the trip will be required to have a passport valid at least six months past the travel dates. If you have a passport, please check that the current expiration date meets this requirement. If you do not have a passport, please apply for one in the near future as the turnaround time can sometimes be lengthy.

Do you currently have a passport valid up to December 28, 2020? yesno

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