What is My APTA?

My APTA is a portal on APTA’s web site that provides resources and services to members and non-members alike. Members have access to a number of valuable password-protected resources such as the member directory and committee information, in addition to those services provided to non-members.

Non-members can access their personal information, the APTA Bookstore, conference registration and personal transactions only.

What can I do at My APTA?

As a member, you can

  • Edit your personal contact information
  • Review your history of transactions with APTA
  • Register for a conference or workshop
  • Search and view the APTA Membership Directory
  • Search and view APTA committee rosters
  • Order publications through the Bookstore.

Non-members have limited access, including the APTA Bookstore and conference registration.

How do I access My APTA?

As a member, your business email address is required to ensure you are able to access all of the features of My APTA. Because all of APTA’s memberships are corporate, your email address at the member organization lets us know you should be affiliated with that member company. You create your own password and are the only one with access to your account.

Non-members can register with any email address to receive limited access.

What is my organization’s password?

There is no generic company password. Access to My APTA is on an individual basis. Each person at a member organization can create their own account. Even email addresses with multiple users (e.g. Info@myagency.net) will have only one password. While it is possible for multiple users to share one of these common logins, it is highly discouraged.

Why am I not being asked for my login information?

My APTA will remember the last login on any workstation unless the temporary files are deleted. Ask your organization’s IT Department what deleting cookies or temporary files means.

How do I change my information?

Once you have logged into My APTA, click the “My Profile” link in the Quick Links or under the For Members section. Click the Update Information link above your information to be taken to a screen that allows you to update your information. After completing your changes, click “Save” at the bottom of the screen.

How can I register for a meeting?

After logging in, browse to the Meetings and Conferences section of the website, find the meeting you want to attend, and then click on the Registration page for that meeting.

  1. Select the link to register online.
  2. Please verify your registration information. (Note that if you have switched organizations, you should contact APTA to make those changes before continuing.)
  3. Select the type of registration. (Most often this will be “attendee” and once the drop down box is selected, the fee schedule options will show on screen.)
  4. In the box provided, please note any special needs you may have such as accessibility considerations or diet restrictions or specifications.
  5. If guests are permitted, you can enter their information below your registration.
  6. Once the appropriate registration category is selected and all guest information has been entered, click the “Register” button at the bottom right of the screen.
  7. Enter your payment information and select “Check out”.

SPECIAL NOTE: Each of the screens throughout the registration process has informational notices on them. Read each one thoroughly before proceeding.

How can I register someone other than myself or multiple participants for a meeting?

Follow the same steps as if registering yourself for a meeting. When you arrive at the registration page, click the Group icon at the top of the screen. On the next screen, click the “Add Registrant” button. A screen will appear allowing you to select the registrant from a drop down menu. If the person you are registering does not appear in that list, click the “Add” button to its immediate right. Also select the type of registrant from the drop down menu on the right of the screen. Typically this will be ‘attendee’. Repeat this step until all names are added and proceed with the payment process.

How do I use the Membership Directory?

After logging in, select the “Member Directory” link from the Member Resources menu.

Membership Directory Tips:

  • Data is not case sensitive
  • Enter a partial organization name for a wider search return
  • Enter acronyms in the abbreviation field
  • Narrow your searches by using the member type, state and country drop boxes if appropriate
  • Click the print icon at the top of the page for “printer-friendly” copies
  • Click on the “Basic Detail” or “Full Detail” icons to limit or expand data displayed
  • Click on the “Activities” icon to view an organizational or individual profile of staff participation on APTA committees
  • Click on “3 Columns with Detail” to display addresses at all locations of the organization selected
  • View business member company descriptions where available via the “Full Detail” icon

How do I order a publication?

After logging in, select the “Bookstore” link in the Resource Library section above. The next screen allows you to either scroll through the list of all available publications or search by title or category for specific works.

Once you have identified the publication you want, click the “Add to Cart” button on the right side of the screen. At the bottom of each screen you have icons allowing you to view your current purchase, check out when you are finished or empty your cart if you would like to start over. Check out allows you to make your purchases and arrange for payment and delivery.

More questions?

Contact APTA’s Membership Department at membership-eweb@apta.com,​ Helene Brett at (202) 496-4837 or Michael Hemsley at (202) 496-4822.

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