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American Public Transportation Association

 Stand Up for Transportation Day - April 9, 2015

  • Event: Media/Press events in as many American cities, suburbs, and rural communities as possible
  • Goal/Event Objectives: Highlight and strongly advocate for the need for a long-term, sustainable, and reliable federal transportation funding bill


Infrastructure is the collection of physical facilities that permit business and commerce to exist and flourish. It comprises all of the variously interconnected systems and services that serve as the underpinning of society; those that facilitate our daily activities and those that promote our collective engagement in commerce.

Despite its importance, the only time we generally think about infrastructure is when it fails or is absent – the collapse of a bridge, contamination of a water supply, a sustained power blackout, insurmountable and costly traffic congestion, failure of a communications network, or overcrowded buses and trains in communities unable to afford to maintain a state of good repair. We completely ignore infrastructure when it works as intended, and we complain mightily when it doesn’t. Our nation needs to continually modernize and maintain its infrastructure to make the United States an attractive place for businesses to operate and for people to live. This requires collective action and sustained public investment in infrastructure notably at the federal level. Read More

Map of Participating APTA Members


  • Current List of Participants (xls) (pdf)
  • Elected and Public Officials Standing Up for Public Transportation (pdf​)
  • Click Here to Add Your Organization to the Growing List of Participants



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