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 Bus Safety Awards - 2009 Winners

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) announced the winners of the 2009 Bus Safety Awards at the opening session of the annual APTA Bus and Paratransit Conference held in Seattle, WA.

The APTA Bus Safety Awards recognize public transportation organizations and contractors for their positive safety records and dedication to improving safety. The top honor is the GOLD Award, which is given to the organization with the best overall bus safety program.  In addition, a Certificate of Merit is given to organizations in recognition of exceptional achievement in bus safety, and finally a Certificate of Special Achievement is awarded in recognition of notable achievement in bus management.


2009 Winners

The 2009 Bus Safety Award winners for public transportation systems are as follows:

Bus systems operating fewer than 1 million passenger trips

  • No awards made in this category

Bus systems operating 1 million and fewer than 4 million passenger trips

Bus systems operating 4 million and fewer than 30 million passenger trips

  • GOLD award – Transit Authority of River City (Louisville, KY)
  • Certificate of Merit – Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Austin, TX)
  • Certificate of Merit – Community Transit (Everett, WA)
  • Certificate of Merit – Cyride, Ames Transit Agency (Ames, IA)
  • Certificate of Special Achievement – Metropolitan Transit Authority (Nashville, TN)

Bus systems operating 30 million or more passenger trips

Private Contractor for Bus System


About the 2009 Bus Safety Awards

“Congratulations to the 2009 Bus Safety Award winners.” said APTA President William W. Millar.  “Recognized for their focused commitment to safety, as well as their stellar safety records, these bus systems are models for transit agencies throughout the United States and Canada.”

A public transportation system providing local bus service is judged on its safety record; its success in building a safety-oriented culture within the system; and its outreach to riders and the community on bus safety issues.

A private bus contractor for a public transportation system is judged on its safety record; its success in building a safety-oriented culture within its organization; and its strategic safety initiatives. 

This year’s awards program introduced enhancements designed to not only recognize exceptional safety performance for individual transit providers, but to also better serve the industry by benchmarking successful programs for others to adopt.

Private transit providers are expected to meet the same threshold of excellence in safety as public transportation systems; however, private operators typically are not responsible for public outreach and education. Therefore, private operators have been placed in a separate category. The criteria for evaluating private operators are identical to those for public transportation systems. Entries by private operators are considered to be corporate level; the information submitted should therefore be include all contracted services.


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