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 Bus Safety & Security Excellence Awards - 2010 Winners

The Safety & Security Excellence Award recognize APTA Bus transportation systems that have implemented programs or projects that have achieved documented success in addressing specific safety or security program areas. The winners were announced on May 2, 2010 and are posted below..

Safety Excellence awards are presented in four categories. Three go to public systems based upon annual ridership measured in unlinked passenger trips. A fourth category is open to private providers, either Transportation Management or Contracted Service providers regardless of size:

  • Providing fewer than 4 million annual passenger trip
  • Providing more than 4 million and less than 20 million annual passenger trips
  • Providing more than 20 million annual passenger trips
  • Private service providers 

New for 2010 will be an award presented for Security Excellence presented to either public or private providers regardless of size

2010 Winners

Category I:

Bus systems operating fewer than 4 million passenger trips

Category II:

Bus systems operating 4 million and fewer than 20 million passenger trips

Category III:

Bus systems operating 20 million or more passenger trips

Category IV:

Private Contractor for Bus System

  • No Entries Received
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