APTA Chair Valarie J. McCall was in Washington, DC, this week to strengthen working relationships with two national organizations.  She participated in the National League of Cities (NLC) Congressional Cities Conference, delivering remarks at the Transportation Infrastructure and Services Federal Advocacy Committee meeting.  Additionally, she addressed the board of the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (AMPO).
At both venues, McCall talked about the need to be actively involved in implementation of the FAST Act to ensure the new law benefits all cities and communities.  She discussed her signature initiative of collaboration and its importance to the public transportation industry, especially in light of today’s demographic shifts and emerging technologies.
At the AMPO board meeting, McCall recognized Todd Lang, a member of AMPO’s Policy Board and co-chair of APTA’s Metropolitan Planning Subcommittee.  She also cited quarterly stakeholder meetings and performance-based planning peer exchanges as examples of collaboration that can lead to more effective outcomes.
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