Below are the presentations from the 2017 Bus & Paratransit Conference

Session: Bus Facilities-Planning for Today, Building for Tomorrow ‎(4)

Session: Bus Opeations Managing Bus Operations from the OOC to Creating the Right Policies and Procedures ‎(2)

Session: Bus Operations and Service Quality: Can They Go Hand in Hand ‎(3)

Session: Buy America Conducting Pre-Award and Post-Delivery Audits for Rolling Stock Procurements ‎(3)

Session: Buying New Buses ‎(5)

Session: Career Pathways for Women in Transit ‎(2)

Session: Case Studies for Planning, Operating and Maintaining Zero Emission Buses ‎(3)

Session: Complete Streets and Complete Trip – Improving Accessibility through Policy and Infrastructure ‎(4)

Session: Creating Transit Oriented and Livable Communities with Mobility Options ‎(3)

Session: FTA Procurement Hot Topics ‎(1)

Session: Maintenance Managers Workshop (formally Maintenance Monday) ‎(7)

Session: Mid-Level Manager Workshop: Managing a Multigenerational Workforce ‎(1)

Session: Navigating the Complete Trip – How Complete Streets Support Seamless Trips ‎(4)

Session: New Mobility Ecosystems – Advancing Mobility Management ‎(3)

Session: Small Operators Best Practices ‎(5)

Session: Sustainability in Action ‎(4)

Session: Title VI Analysis and Community Engagement ‎(3)

Session: Understanding the Brooks Act ‎(4)

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