Below are the presentations from the 2018 Annual Meeting

Session: Advancing Transit Asset Management (4)

Session: Anatomy of a Cyber Security Breach and the Vulnerabilities of Big Data (3)

Session: Battery Electric Buses: Meeting the Infrastructure Challenge (5)

Session: Capital Projects (3)

Session: Community Connections: Building Transit-Oriented Communities (4)

Session: Curb Appeal: Complete Streets and Curb Management (2)

Session: Envisioning the Workforce in the Mobility Landscape (3)

Session: FTA Final Safety Rules Listening Session (1)

Session: Future Proofing Transit – Advancing Climate Resiliency (3)

Session: Procuring Innovation in the Transit Industry PART 1: Challenges in Procuring NEED NOW Technology (4)

Session: Procuring Innovation in the Transit Industry PART 2: The Search for New Models for Procuring New Technologies (4)

Session: SMS Training for Executives: Planning for SMS Implementation (1)

Session: SMS: Information, Approaches and Best Practices (3)

Session: Strategic Planning for New Mobility (4)

Session: The Future Is Now Innovative Mobility Practices (3)

Session: The Transit Response to Homelessness (4)

Session: Transit’s Response to Trespasser Strikes and Intentional Deaths – A Roundtable Discussion (2)

Session: Wednesday Wake Up Breakfast (1)

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