Below are the presentations from the 2018 Sustainability and Public Transportation Workshop

Session: A Multimodal Potpourri ‎(4)

Session: Back in the Saddle: Integrating Bikes and Transit to Make the Complete Trip ‎(4)

Session: Bus and Fleet: Energy Diversification and Operational Impacts ‎(4)

Session: Clean Energy: Reducing Public Transportation’s Carbon Footprint ‎(4)

Session: Creating Collaboration to Advance Sustainability Goals ‎(5)

Session: Driving the Value of Climate Action Plans & Resiliency Frameworks for Public Transit Agencies ‎(4)

Session: Encouraging Active Transportation through Healthy & Connected Corridors ‎(4)

Session: Evaluating Sustainability for Projects and Programs ‎(4)

Session: Harnessing Big Data for a Smarter Public Transportation System ‎(3)

Session: Homelessness and Transit ‎(4)

Session: Improving Speed & Reliability – Keeping Buses & Trains Moving ‎(4)

Session: Innovative Partnerships Between Transit Agencies & Vendors ‎(4)

Session: Leveraging Unique Funding Sources for Sustainable Transit Projects ‎(4)

Session: Life Without Diesel: Operations Planning for Emerging Vehicle Technologies ‎(3)

Session: Resiliency Planning: How to Handle Special Events, Natural Disasters & Other Unanticipated Situations ‎(4)

Session: Reversing & Managing Ridership Declines: Part I – Research ‎(3)

Session: Reversing & Managing Ridership Declines: Part II – Practitioners ‎(5)

Session: Social and Economic Sustainability ‎(4)

Session: Sustaining the Sustainability Momentum Internally and Externally ‎(5)

Session: What’s New and What’s Next: Innovative Approaches to Improving Mobility ‎(4)

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