View the 2018 Transit CEOs Seminar – Program.

About this Seminar

The 2018 Transit CEOs seminar will focus on leadership and management –new, forward thinking – for  CEOs. Discussions will delve intotopics relevant to your vision and skills in overseeing your organization. Thisevent offers opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences with yourcolleagues.

Share your insights and challe​nges, discussyour agency’s advances, and learn more about using APTA and your agency’s resourcesto improve operations, funding, financing, customer services, and more. At this unique forum, you’re sure to gain newperspectives and ideas to adapt at your transit system.

Who should attend: If you are a transit agency CEO or deputy CEO, you are most welcome to attend. Participation is reserved only for chief executive officers and their deputies (with many different job titles) of APTA-member operating public transportation systems.


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