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For the first time in more than 25 years, the APTA International Bus Roadeo is going to feature a single bus size for the competition. The International Bus Roadeo Committee voted to use one bus size for he next two years. This pilot program will assist the host property in preparation for the roadeo.
Per the rules of the event, agencies can send one operator, but in the past, agencies could choose to compete in either the 35-food category or the 40-foot category​. The 2019 roadeo will feature the 2016 40-foot Gillig low-floor bus.
  • Each agency is allowed only one operator.
  • The bus for the 2019 International Bus Roadeo will be the 2016 40-fooot Gillig low-floor bus
  • If you are competing in the Roadeo as a state winner, then you must be registered by the state association and your transit agency. ​

Table of Contents

The PDF download contains the following information:

  • General Information:
    Contestant Qualifications, Ineligibility, Team Registration, Schedule, Spectators
  • Awards/Scoring:
    General, Grand Champion and Combined Competition Awards, Operator/Maintenance Awards, Customer Service Challenge Award
  • Operators’ Roadeo:
    Scheduled Activities, Equipment, Vigil Information, Competition Events, Operator Scoring
  • Technician’s Roadeo:
    Scheduled Activities, Competition Events, Technician Scoring
  • Customer Service Challenge:
    Qualifications, General Information, Competition Event, Time, Scoring
  • Questions
  • Buses
  • Roadeo Site Layout
  • Appendices:
    Swap Meet, Frequently Asked Questions & Answers, Operators’ Course Descriptions, Operators’ Obstacle Descriptions, Operators’ Score Sheets, Mechanics’ Score Sheets, Customer Service Score Sheet, Event Schedule


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