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Legislative Update

Legal 101/The Basics: Procurement, Grants, Buy America

To Lead or Not to Lead (but “Just Manage”): That is the Question

Labor Panel – Collective Bargaining, 13(c), and the Janus Case

Alternate Modes of Transportation

Clean Transportation: Electric Buses

Legal 101/The Basics Continued: Rail

Rail Session: Modernizing the Passenger Rail System Requires Playing the Long Game

Navigating the Buy America Landscape – New Technologies, Vehicles, and Tariffs

TOD Joint Development Projects and P3s

Ethics – 2 Hot Topics for the Price of 1

Guns on Transit

Sexual Harassment: Leadership in the #MeToo Era

Luncheon Keynote: Cyber Security Risk, Mitigation and Insurance

ADA Update

Most Recent TRB Legal Research Digest


Presenter Biographies

(* Presenter for the Joint Legal Affairs and Risk Management Sessions on 2/26/19)
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