Virtual Study Mission to Europe

Transit agencies across North America are making commitments to roll out electric bus service with the potential to make a full-scale transition to zero emissions.  Electrifying a bus fleet—whether with battery or fuel-cell buses— requires new approaches to planning, operations, and maintenance of your fleet.

APTA invites you to join a virtual study mission from June 28-July 1 to learn how leading European agencies are approaching this transition. This is a unique opportunity to learn from and share insights with European decision-makers and practitioners on how to position your agency for success in the transition to zero emission fleets.


  • How to approach transitioning from small-scale pilots to a large electric bus fleet and operate a mixed fleet;
  • The necessary organizational management, funding and finance, and stakeholder engagement that helps ensure a successful rollout; and
  • Key differences in route planning, infrastructure and depot design, operations, and maintenance of electric buses.

Participants will make virtual visits to four cities — Cologne, Paris, London, and Groningen and Drenthe, in the Netherlands — that represent a diversity of bus electrification experiences and operational settings.

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