Pierce Transit has an extensive set of programs designed to train employees in the techniques of Lean management, an operating philosophy that focuses on efficiency and continuous improvement. The Lean system is built around a combination of new trainings, individual projects, and an overall culture change within the organization. There are three courses currently offered at Piece on Lean techniques: beginner, leadership, and Green Belt certification. The beginner course focuses on an introduction to the Lean philosophy followed by some of the practical applications of the 8-step Lean problem solving process, and is offered to all employees of Pierce Transit. The leadership course is intended for managers within the organization, and focuses more on how to apply Lean techniques to a department or team. Green Belt certification is the most extensive course and focuses on developing a deeper understanding of Lean management and allowing trainees to work on individual projects to improve Pierce Transit’s efficiency. In the future, Pierce Transit is hoping to expand their course offerings to include even higher levels of certification.


Mrs. Samantha Einarson

E-mail: seinarson@piercetransit.org

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