OCTA is also implementing a succession planning program in order to proactively address possible future gaps in talent. In this program, managers examine the roles that the administrative employees they work with currently fill and what competencies they use in those roles. OCTA then creates succession plans for each of those employees detailing how they plan to train potential replacements if the employees in question were to leave. Because OCTA is a public agency with a limited budget, they usually cannot “double-fill” positions and simply assign a replacement to shadow another employee full-time. Instead, they rely on rotations to give people a broad perspective on the agency and focused training on the skills needed for particular positions in order to make sure that knowledge is not lost when employees leave. Of the roughly 500 administrative employees at OCTA, around 400 have succession plans in place.


Ms. Julie A. Espy, Manager, Learning & Development

E-mail: jespy@octa.net​

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