Pierce Transit recently began using the talent management program NeoGov Insight and hired a new talent management administrator as part of an expanded talent management program. They also implemented new processes to track employees’ competencies and improvement. Using the automated program, Pierce Transit can use tests to sort applicant pools as well as targeting these tests to specific skills. This intensified commitment to talent management also included new classes teaching skills that Pierce had identified as especially necessary, with each class serving roughly 35 employees. This expanded tracking helps Pierce Transit keep track of the qualifications of the over 100 applicants who apply for each open upper administrative post. While it took several months for employees to adjust to the new tools, the talent management program has been a success overall and Pierce is now looking to implement similar programs for onboarding new employees and improving management.


Mrs. Samantha Einarson

E-mail: seinarson@piercetransit.org

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