​Throughout the year class members discussed transit leadership key issues important to their system, resulting in the development and delivery of seven leadership projects during the program year.  Each team’s presentations are available below. We highly encourage you to download and read the results of their interviews, findings, and related research.

Team 1: 2016 Transportation Ballot Measures: Success, Failures, and Advice for the Future

Team Members
    • Erin Shumate
    • Sam Sink

Team 2: Workforce Programming: The State of the Industry on Developing Mid-Level Management​​

Team Members

      • Viktoria Pokman
      • Mary Alice Salzer
      • Christopher Silveira

Team Members
  • Tyffany Neal
  • Christopher Jordan
  • Kevin Greene
  • Kelsey Bergan

Team 4: The Ladder of Success: Shifting from Climbing to Building 

Team Members

  • Viktoria Pokman
  • Jane Sullivan
  • Brendan Sennett
  • Hannah Santiago

Team 5: Public Private Partnerships (P3)​

Team Members

  • Heather Deckard
  • Charlie Hetland

Team 6: Transparency and Accountability

Team Members

  • Matthew Johnson
  • Fearghal King, PhD
  • Michelle McElhaney, PE
  • Ted Rosenbaum

Team 7: Alternative Partnerships to Provide Public Transportation

Team Members

  • Joy Mills
  • Craig Raphael
  • Christian Reif
  • Julia Tuer


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