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The application period is currently closed and we are no longer accepting applications. Please check back in early November 2019. If you would like to be added to the interest list to be notified about the application process for the Class of 2021, please submit the Emerging Leaders Interest List.

Before applying, please ensure you have read through each page of the Emerging Leaders Program website and that you are familiar with the program requirements ​and fees. ​Please note: Each APTA member organization may nominate only one applicant per year. 

Individuals interested in applying for the program must provide the following information:

1. Online Application:

All applications must be submitted online. Paper applications will not be accepted. 

2. Application Questions:

Your responses to the application questions represent the written “formal conversation” between you and the ELP Committee members who will select the Class of 2020. The clarity and quality of your responses are the primary way the committee members will learn about your qualifications and aspirations. 

Please provide concise responses (150-250 words) to each of the following prompts:

  1. Why are you applying and how do you plan to benefit from the ELP?
  2. Describe three specific career goals for the next three years.
  3. Share your perspective on one major challenge or opportunity facing public transportation today. 
  4. Where do you see yourself in APTA and the public transportation industry in the near future?
  5. Is there any other information you would like the selection committee to consider in reviewing your application? 

3. Current Resu​me:

Your resume should include current and relevant past positions with dates. Job descriptions or equivalent documents are not acceptable resume submissions. Resumes must not exceed 2 pages in length.

4. Two letters of recommendation from within the industry:

  • CEO/GM Recommendation: Letter must come from the highest ranking official (chief executive officer/general manager/executive director), of the transit agency, company, or related organization that is sponsoring you as an applicant for the program. The letter must be from the head of the organization, not the head of your branch or department
  • Supervisor/Other Recommendation: Letter may come from your direct supervisor, a client, or a recent/former transit agency senior official.

5. CEO/GM/Supervisor Contact Information:

Applicants must submit the contact information for both the CEO/GM of their supporting organization and their direct supervisor. 

Application Tips

After completing each section of the online application, you will have the opportunity to edit, add, or modify your application materials before submitting your application, up until the application deadline.

Once you confirm that your application packet is complete by clicking “Submit Final Version”, you cannot make any further edits or additions. You must click the ‘Submit Final Version’ button in order for your application packet to be recognized as complete.

You will receive a confirmation email when you begin the application process and a second email upon final submission of your application materials.

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