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The participant’s employer will sponsor their respective nominee upon his or her acceptance into the Emerging Leaders Program. The sponsoring organization must provide the time and resources for their participant to attend all required Emerging Leaders Program events and activities.
  • The $3,500 Tuition Fee covers in-person sessions and materials, some meals, and registration fees for the 2019 APTA Rail Conference (Toronto, ON) and 2020 APTA Mobility Conference (San Antonio, TX). Registration cost of the 2019 ​APTA Annual Meeting is also covered but attendance is optional.
  • APTA expects sponsors to fund the participant’s tuition fee and travel expenses. Depending on the arrangement between employers and nominee, participants may be required to assume additional related costs (e.g. some meals and incidental expenses) as an investment in their own professional development.
  • In addition to tuition fees, other costs will include: hotel, some meals, and miscellaneous expenses.
  • Logistical costs associated with required events include:
    • Five-to-six hotel nights, two travel days, and three-and-a half days for the June 2019 workshop plus a few days at the 2019 Rail Conference.
    • Five-to-six hotel nights, two travel days, and three-and-a half days for the May 2020 workshop plus a few days at the 2020 Mobility Conference.
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