Senior Leadership Courses & Programs

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Leadership APTA

Leadership APTA is the American Public Transportation Associations (APTA) premiere professional development program designed to develop and support the next generation of APTA leaders and the public transportation industry. The Leadership APTA Committee selects up to 35 individuals from among APTA member applicants to participate in a year-long program that includes skill-building workshops, conferences, executive roundtables, class leadership projects, teleconferences, online meetings, and web-based events.
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Eno Transit Executive Seminar

The Eno Transit Executive Seminar is an intensive week-long course held in Washington, DC. The course curriculum consists of individual coaching, leadership assessments, and classroom instruction from veteran transit leaders from across the industry. In addition, participants also focus on building individual interpersonal skills in small group settings. It is tailored specifically for senior-level managers who report to their General Manager or CEO in public transportation agencies and in companies that serve the transit industry.
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NTI Maintenance Leadership Workshop

The NTI Maintenance Leadership Workshop teaches administrative skills, strategic planning, and leadership techniques to current managers working in transit maintenance. This course is valuable both for individuals looking to develop their professional capacities, and for agencies looking to prepare their next generation of executives. The course includes both workshop sessions and networking opportunities for maintenance professionals.
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SURTC Rural Transit Manager Course

Principles of Transit Management is an intensive three-day course developed by SURTC that covers virtually all aspects of transit and paratransit management for operators of tribal transit programs across the country. This course is broken into individual modules which cover, human resource management, financial management, administration, operations and service design, procurement, vehicle and facility management, safety, security and emergency management, and drug and alcohol program compliance.
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