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Why Apply to Leadership APTA?

Leadership APTA is the American Public Transportation Association’s premier professional development program for experienced leaders who aspire to hold senior and executive positions in their organizations, in APTA and in the public transportation industry.

The goals of the Leadership APTA program are to:

  • Identify, develop, and support future leaders of APTA and the next generation of senior and executive leaders of the public transportation industry.

  • Enable participants to broaden and deepen their leadership, knowledge, skills, insights, and abilities and to grow their professional networks.

  • Challenge class members to transform themselves, their thinking, and to view the world as executive leaders.

  • Offer a robust program including customized workshops and expert-led sessions facilitated by APTA’s executive leadership, public transportation industry executive leaders, world-class university faculty, and leadership experts.

  • Provide meaningful and applicable class assignments and projects designed to address timely executive leadership challenges as they relate to public transportation services, issues, and trends.

  • Challenge participants to identify, develop, and take action to refine their core leadership competencies and skills.

  • Stimulate and foster individual development, teamwork, and class growth.

  • Educate participants about APTA, including its purpose, leadership, governance, structure, industry impact, and professional development opportunities.

  • Connect class members with respected senior and executive leaders both within and outside the public transportation industry.

  • Engage class members in APTA by introducing them to APTA’s executive and senior leadership, APTA committee leaders, by offering first-hand opportunities for class members to become actively involved through committee work, task forces, or special projects and see the impact and outcome of their contributions.

  • Incorporate direction, mentoring and guidance, faculty assistance, and programmatic support from members of the Leadership APTA Committee.

  • Provide immediate means and recognition for class members to give back to APTA and the industry through their class executive leadership projects, papers, and related opportunities.

  • Enable active participation and visibility at APTA’s Legislative Conference and Annual Meetings.

  • Support and sustain a collegial and professional environment that facilitates team building, networking, and strong communication with a diverse group of Leadership APTA program participants, alumni, and APTA members.

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