Before applying, please be sure you have read through each page of the Leadership APTA website and that you are well-familiar with the program’s goals and requirements, planned sessions, dates and locations, tuition, fees, and related costs. If you are selected, please ensure you are able to fulfill the program’s requirements and that you have the full support of your sponsoring organization’s senior and executive leadership.

All required application materials for each applicant must be posted to the Leadership APTA online applicant site by the end of the day, Friday, May 8, 2020, for applicants to be eligible to be considered to participate in Leadership APTA Class of 2021. The application web site will not be open after this deadline.

Link to Online Application

Please ensure that you reviewed all the program requirements, session dates, logistics and other matters prior to applying for the program. Likewise, be sure you discussed your plans and received the support and endorsement from your supervisor and executive leadership.

Reminder – One Applicant per APTA Member Organization: APTA member organizations can submit only one candidate as your applicant for the Leadership APTA Class of 2021. Organizations submitting more than one applicants run the risk that all their applicants would not be considered among the applicant pool.

Please click on the below link to access the online application.

Applications for Leadership APTA Class of 2020 are closed. Applications for the Class of 2021 to be announced Spring 2020.

APTA will only accept online applications. All required application materials must be submitted by the end of the day Friday, May 8, 2020. Note: the online application web site will not be open after this deadline.

Application Tips

You do not need to complete your online application all at once. You can enter your information in stages. After completing each section of the online application, you will have the opportunity to edit, add, or modify your application materials before submitting your application, up until the application deadline, the end of the day Friday, May 8, 2020.

Once you confirm that your application packet is complete by clicking the “Submit Final Version” button, you cannot make any further edits or additions. You must click the ‘Submit Final Version’ button in order for your application packet to be recognized as complete.

You will receive a confirmation email when you begin the application process and a second email upon final submission of your application materials.

Please keep an electronic copy of each section of your application, so you can upload it and submit again if your submission fails.

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