General managers, presidents, CEOs sponsoring candidates recognize that sending participants to Leadership APTA is extremely valuable to their organizations. Since the first Leadership APTA Class of 1998, leaders in the public transportation industry from both public agencies and private businesses have watched their investments in this program return great dividends.

The executive leadership of sponsoring organizations understands that their commitment and support means allowing their Leadership APTA participant to attend the required workshops and conferences:

  • December 2020 workshop session
  • 2021 APTA Legislative Conference and class workshop
  • July/August 2021 Capstone session
  • APTA’s TRANSform Conference 2021 that honors the graduating class and features them at committee meetings, conference sessions, and their graduation program to present their leadership projects

The Leadership APTA Committee highly recommends that incoming class members attend APTA’s TRANSform Conference & Expo 2020, including related class workshops and orientation programs.

These executive leaders also recognize that their Leadership APTA participants will spend significant time over the year, from March to October, working on their projects and will participate in related conference calls, online meetings, and web-based events. Upon graduation, Class of 2021 members will also serve as program coaches and mentors for the incoming Class of 2022.

Reminder: One of the goals of Leadership APTA is to develop future leaders of APTA. The Leadership APTA program requires that each sponsoring organization actively supports at least one additional year of APTA involvement from its Leadership APTA participant immediately upon graduation through work on APTA committees, task forces or special projects. APTA thanks and recognizes our industry members who leverage their Leadership APTA graduates as valued leaders within their organizations and the industry.​​​​

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